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Home cooler: clean drinking water every day


Many factors affect human health, one of the most important is water quality. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Halsey Taylor's father died, as it turned out, he drank contaminated water and became ill with typhoid, which led to death. The loss of a loved one pushed Halsey Taylor to create a prototype of a modern cooler - a drinking fountain. Since then, coolers can be found in offices and homes, they are becoming more functional and almost indispensable for anyone who monitors health.



What is a cooler?

A cooler is a machine designed to provide drinking water to offices, kindergartens, schools and homes. In some cases, it has additional functions: cooling, heating, gassing and disinfecting of water. Thanks to the cooler, the water becomes available at any time of the day, and has a comfortable temperature for drinking. Water is packaged in standard bottles of 12, 22 or 19 liters, and in the case of an adapter - 5 liters.



The cooler works from a conventional power outlet (220V), and even though the device remains turned on all the time, it consumes little electricity. This is explained by the equipment of the cooler with temperature sensors, due to which cooling and heating are not performed continuously, but from time to time when there is a need for it.

The cooler works according to this principle: a certain amount of water from the bottle enters special tanks in order to warm up or cool down. When reducing the amount of water in the tank comes a new portion and is brought to the required temperature.



The extent to which water is heated or cooled depends on the type of apparatus. The maximum heating temperature is usually 92-98 degrees.



The advantages of the cooler

The device has many advantages that make it indispensable when used at home:

  • Benefit. Using a cooler allows you to keep in the drinking water all the trace elements useful for the human body. That is, the water remains "alive" and nourishes the person with a healthy liquid.
  • Convenience. The device is extremely simple to install, and even a kid will easily figure out how to use it, because special skills and knowledge are not required. In addition, the cooler allows you to maintain optimum water temperature, which is especially important for families with small children. There are models equipped with a special tap for hot water.
  • Efficiency. It is much more profitable, if we consider the issue from the point of view of economical energy consumption, to buy a cooler for the house, rather than an electric kettle. Water will be heated equally well, but energy consumption will be significantly reduced.

Modern coolers are presented in the widest range, they are of different types and differ in design. There are large, smaller and very small, floor-standing or desktop, that is, everyone can choose the device to your taste and budget.



How to choose a cooler for the house?

In order to save space, it is wiser to choose a water cooler for a desktop-type home. Such a device has small dimensions, but differs in increased functionality. If the cooler is meant for a large family, and the kitchen is spacious, then a floor model will do.

An ordinary desktop device with a basic standard set of functions is quite enough for operation at home. Options with which coolers are additionally equipped are most often demanded in office conditions.

Although here everything depends on personal preferences and the thickness of the wallet of the future owner.

By the principle of operation, all coolers are divided into two categories, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Compressor units are more expensive than electronic models. For this reason, for home use it is bought much less. Another disadvantage is the noise level produced by the cooler during operation: it is quite high and can cause discomfort, therefore, most likely, the device will have to be turned off at night, which also does not add comfort to the operation process.

Among the advantages stands out high performance, reliability, impressive dimensions and many additional features. It is because of the advantages of such devices are purchased in office space.



Electronic devices

Electronic coolers cool water according to the Peltier principle. Such devices are characterized by low productivity: approximately 1 liter of water per hour (5-6 glasses). Low productivity makes the electronic cooler unsuitable for use in crowded office premises, educational institutions or schools, but for the home such a model can be very convenient.

Water by means of an electronic cooler can be cooled to 12-15 degrees, which may not be enough for hot summer days. For this reason, it is inappropriate to install such a cooler in rooms with high air temperature, as the water will be cooled for a long time.

There is a fan in the cooler that can become clogged if you put the device in a dusty or weakly ventilated area. Then the cooling module will stop working altogether.

All of the above characteristics, combined with low cost, make the cooler with an electronic cooling system an ideal device for home use. A house or apartment is the most suitable conditions for operating an electronic cooler: small water needs of several people.

Cooling, heating and dosage are the main options for coolers. Advanced functionality means equipping the device:

  • Refrigerators to keep fresh cream for coffee, milk, yogurt, candy or chocolate. Refrigerators are built only in compressor models and require very careful treatment. For example, in the supine position they can not be transported. As a rule, the refrigerator compartment has a small volume: 15-20 liters, and using it as a backup refrigerator is quite a reasonable solution.
  • Water gassing. The cooler is equipped with a special gas cylinder. Especially this option delights the children: just pressing a button is enough to turn ordinary water and sugar into a delicious chilled soda. One gas cylinder on average is enough. To make 1 thousand glasses of soda. Models with the function of carbonating water are often floor standing, since additional space is required to place equipment.
  • Built-in lockers. Coolers with lockers for storing dishes and other household utensils are very popular, as they provide additional comfort during operation.
  • Ice generator. The design of the cooler assumes the presence of a special compartment in which ice is prepared. The option will appeal to people who prefer chilled drinks.
  • Ozonation. This option allows you to disinfect water, while the bactericidal effect lasts up to two or even three weeks.

A home water cooler is a very useful home purchase. In fact, it can easily replace an electric kettle, while the power consumption for heating water will be significantly reduced. Models with ozonation, the function of making ice or with a refrigerator will make life even more comfortable.