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Christmas decorations: types, use and methods of making their own hands (57 photos)


The New Year is everyone's favorite holiday, so preparation for it begins in advance. The tradition of decorating a house and a Christmas tree appeared in the time of Peter I, but it came from pre-Christian times. Thus, people brought gifts to the spirits of their ancestors. In the modern world Christmas decorations, garlands, wreaths and other decorations are used to create a fabulous atmosphere. If you make Christmas decorations with your own hands, you can fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of celebration and fun.






Types of Christmas tree decorations

There are various types of Christmas tree decorations, which differ in shape, size, style and material. Separately, you can select bright crafts from paper, felt and other materials that can decorate a house or a Christmas tree.

The main types of jewelry:

  • Christmas balls and other toys;
  • candles;
  • snowflakes;
  • paper or electric lights;
  • tinsel and rain;
  • wreaths on the door.

Modern Christmas decorations are made not only in the form of balls.








To decorate a Christmas tree, you can choose figures of animals or birds, cars or airplanes, figures of mythical characters, fairy tale or animated characters. Ornaments in the form of icicles, cones or candles are also popular.

Christmas decorations are made of such materials:

  • the cloth;
  • cardboard and paper;
  • glass;
  • tapes;
  • plastic;
  • Styrofoam;
  • natural materials (cones or acorns).

Glass toys have a pleasant luster, but unlike plastic jewelry, they are fragile. To decorate the Christmas tree and the room as a whole, you can use both small and large balls and figures. At the same time, toys can be of the same size and color range or different. If decorations of a Christmas tree are used in decorations of different sizes, the largest of them should be placed on the lower branches.

Decorations should also be selected depending on the size of the tree. On small Christmas trees too big balls will look ugly. There are also decorations of considerable size for decorating Christmas trees outside.

To be sure that the tree is stylish and elegant, it is recommended to choose sets of balls and toys, made in the same color scheme. Although the Christmas tree looks more tender, homely and festive from scrap materials, decorated with simple hand-made articles, it is therefore recommended to make Christmas toys out of paper, felt and other materials on our own.






Making handmade Christmas decorations

Making toys for the Christmas tree is an exciting and useful activity for children and adults. For the decoration of Christmas balls with your own hands, you can use materials such as colored paper, felt, cardboard, glitter, as well as natural materials, such as coffee, acorns or cones.

Christmas paper decoration

DIY paper paper decorations can be made from thick cardboard, colored paper or old postcards. For these purposes, you can even use the covers of old magazines or candy boxes.

For the manufacture of Christmas ball will need:

  • Cardboard, old postcards or other dense and bright material.
  • Compass.
  • A simple pencil.
  • Scissors.
  • Ruler.
  • Satin ribbon.
  • PVA glue.
  • Awl or thick needle.
  • Brush for glue.

It is necessary to prepare several sheets of paper, on the reverse side of which with a compass it is necessary to draw 20 circles. Their diameter can be of any size, but all circles must be the same. For the manufacture of toys of medium size diameter of the circle should be 3-4 cm. Circles must be cut.




An equilateral triangle should be inscribed in each circle using a ruler. To simplify the task, you can cut a single triangle pattern and transfer it to all the details. With the help of a ruler we turn down on each circle three valves at the sides of the triangle. To get a classic Christmas ball, the valve must be bent inward, but it will look more effective to fumble with the edges upwards. In this case, get an unusual faceted ball.

At five blanks we grease the side parts with glue. Circles glue to the valves. These blanks will be the top of the ball. In the center of the top it is necessary to make a hole with the help of an awl or a needle, and fix the satin ribbon. Similarly, we make the top and the bottom of the ball.

The remaining elements are used to make the middle of the ball. Separate elements must be glued into a strip, and then closed in a ring. It only remains to collect the ball, connecting the middle with the top and bottom.

Finished balls can be used to decorate a Christmas tree or other elements of a festive interior.










Match the thread to the color of the felt. Sew together two parts of the legs along the contour. Sew the angel's face pattern to one of the body patterns. Try to keep the seam neat and go in a semicircle along the contour of the face. If the felt is soft, take two wings instead of one pattern, and sew them together. In order to not see the seam, it must be finished at the bottom of the wings. In this case, it can be hidden dress.

After that, you should proceed to the sewing of the back and the front pattern of angel hair. Threads need to pick up the color of the felt. Hair must be sewn on the bottom edge. The back pattern should be sewn only to the dress. It is important to ensure that the front and rear parts match, and the edges of the material do not look out.

It is necessary to embroider and facial features. At this stage, you need to be very careful to make the parts thin and beautiful, so the stitches should be small, especially on curved lines. If there is no experience in this matter, it is recommended to practice beforehand on a piece of felt. Instead of embroidery eyes angel, you can sew in their place two black beads.




Take a thin satin ribbon and cut a piece of 12-15 cm from it. Fold the ribbon so that it is looped. Sew it to the front of the angel. This will easily hang the toy on the Christmas tree. Sew on the back angel wings.

It remains only to sew between the back and front side of the angel. First, do it along the top line, and then sew together the hair details. Sew on the sides of the dress, do not forget to replace the color of the thread. Insert the legs into the lower part of the angel, then sew the lower line of the craftwork.

Making Christmas decorations is incredibly easy, so using the principle described above, you can sew a toy of almost any shape. It is enough to draw patterns, translate into fabric and stitch in compliance with the technology. A great solution would be to make snowmen, balls and other decorations for a festive interior using this technique.



New Year's burlap flower

You can make a bright, unusual and decoration for a Christmas tree or a festive interior from ordinary burlap. Plain at first glance, the material can be the basis of incredibly stylish, beautiful and bright colors that can be hung on the Christmas tree or used to decorate doors, windows, curtains or other interior elements for the holiday. Also an unusual flower of burlap can be used instead of a bow for gift wrapping.

To make a flower you need:

  • Sackcloth.
  • Glue.
  • Sockets.
  • Spangles, leaves, beads and other decorative elements.
  • Wide brush.

To begin with, it is necessary to cut out 10-15 petals from burlap. They can be made the same size, pre-making a pattern. However, to make the flower more natural, it is better to make the petals slightly different in size.

Each petal must be spread with a thick layer of glue. For this it is better to use a wide brush. If you take a little glue, the petals will keep bad shape.

When the petals are dry, brush with glue only the edges of the leaf, then sprinkle them with a thick layer of sparkles. You can simplify the task by mixing transparent glitter with glitter. Then you need to put the resulting mass on the edge of the leaves. An excellent solution would be to use clear varnish with sparkles. A bit of gloss should be applied to the center of the petal. When the petals are completely dry, they need to be bent a little to make them in the shape of a boat.






What rooms can be decorated with Christmas decorations

The central room for decoration for the New Year is the living room. This is where guests will gather, and most often stands a Christmas tree. Even if the size of the living room is small, you can put a small Christmas tree in a pot or an armful of branches in a vase. Small Christmas decorations look good with small balls or other toys. Together with them a small figure of Santa Claus, Snow Maiden or angels looks good. However, by the New Year you can decorate other rooms in the house.

Decorations in the bedroom should be a bit. This room is not designed to receive guests, so there will be enough garlands on the windows, festive candles or small decorations. The decor should create a festive, romantic and peaceful atmosphere.

In the nursery you can embody the most daring ideas. However, the main organizer of the decoration of the room should be its owner. For decoration, you can make paper snowflakes or garlands with your own hands, hang up an electric garland or put a small Christmas tree.






What surfaces can be decorated

In addition to the Christmas tree, you can use other decorations that can be placed on various surfaces in the house. Christmas decorations will look most impressive on such surfaces:

  • Walls. For decorating the walls are used wreaths of their vines, various ornaments of ribbons, as well as paper or electric garlands. On the wall you can also hang letters with New Year's greetings.
  • Use of vertical space. In a small room for the decoration of the house is recommended to use the maximum vertical space. Christmas toys can be hung under the chandeliers, above the doorways.
  • Angles. A small Christmas tree can be easily placed in a corner. And sheltered shelves or shelves - a great place for garlands of light bulbs, candles and other New Year's décor.
  • Table. On the eve of the holiday on the table, you can arrange bright gift wrapping with gifts or empty boxes for decoration, so that it resembles a place under the Christmas tree. To decorate the holiday table in the New Year, use candles, napkins with Christmas pictures. On the holiday table you can put a small Christmas tree, as well as a transparent vase in which you can put Christmas balls or a garland.
  • Window. To decorate the windows you can use paper snowflakes, conifers and garlands. The windows can be additionally painted with artificial snow.
  • Sill. Decorating the window sill creates a fabulous atmosphere not only for those who are in the house, but also for people passing by the windows. On the window sills you can arrange candles, put small Christmas trees or branches. And cotton wool or artificial snow complement the atmosphere of a fairy tale and a holiday.
  • Pictures and frames with photos. If the house is decorated with a large number of photographs and paintings, they can be decorated with tinsel, rain, a garland, artificial snow or pine branches.

The use of all surfaces in the house for decoration for the New Year will allow you to create a single composition, a sense of celebration and a fairy tale.






Interesting options for combinations of Christmas toys in the interior

Christmas balls can be used not only to decorate the main attribute of the holiday. They can be hung on long and short threads and placed on curtains, chandeliers, cabinets, bookshelves and other pieces of furniture. Used balls of different sizes, as well as short and long strings.

Another unusual way to use Christmas balls is to make congratulatory inscriptions above the fireplace or on the wall. To do this, congratulations should be applied to the balls, using each balloon for a separate letter, then hang them on threads or lay them over the fireplace, on a shelf or other surfaces.






You can also make your own three-dimensional picture of Christmas balls. To do this, take a large piece of drawing paper, glue balls to it so that you get a large outline of the Christmas tree. Additionally, make a picture with congratulatory signatures, bright drawings, coniferous branches and artificial snow.

Preparing for the New Year is a pleasant process that many start a few weeks before the holiday. Independent production of jewelry will allow you to create unusual and exclusive balls and other toys. In addition, this is a pleasant activity that can bring the whole family together.