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Bath screen: types and choice of material (24 photos)


Plumbing held, bath installed. The final touch will be the device of a suitable screen, if, of course, you are not the proud owner of a retro-style bowl, which is not accepted to be framed with decorative panels. The bath screen is not only aesthetic, but also practical. It hides and protects sanitary communications from moisture.



Gone are the days when the screen could only be self-made or only white. What are the screens under the bath today, consider in this article.

To date, there are two main ways of mounting decorative screens: fixed and removable. The frame for a stationary screen is usually made of plasterboard or brick and covered with tiles, mosaics, even marble. This decor is beautiful, very durable and easy to clean. It is resistant to moisture and shock. The bath screen from the tile will organically merge with the interior of the bathroom and will be a continuation of the patterns of the walls or the floor.



However, significant shortcomings can be attributed to the fact that during a leakage, it may be necessary to break the entire structure, because, even leaving the inspection doors, there is no guarantee that this access will be enough.

The designs of the screens are:

  • solid;
  • with hinged doors;
  • coupe.

Solid partitions are very aesthetic and allow you to embody various fantasies in the decor. For example, the mirror screen under the bath visually expands the space, and the screens under the bath with photo printing can be completely unique: from marble patterns to photographs.

A screen with doors will allow you to gain full access to the space under the bathroom. Behind him, you can organize a roomy cabinet for household chemicals and care products, but it should be noted that in a small room, additional space is needed for plowing the doors, so this option is preferable to use in spacious bathrooms.

The standard construction is very simple: supports, decorative panels and storage systems are built into the frame. Having defined the design features, you can choose the material from which the screen will be made. Manufacturers offer products for every taste and wallet. There is an option for a luxurious bathroom and a closet bathroom Khrushchev.

Plastic screen under the bath - the most common and budget option. On the production of plastic attached to any color and texture. You can repeat a stone, wood, marble, apply any pattern, photo or emboss. The panel can also consist of plastic lining as usual white, and any other color.

Installation of stationary screens for the bathroom produces the master individually. To do this, he first builds a solid wooden frame, which is then sheathed with plasterboard. When constructing a drywall sheet carcass, attention should be paid to its resistance to moisture. The desired material has a greenish tint. Each end of the sheet should be thoroughly covered with a special water-repellent agent. If these measures are not followed, even moisture-proof drywall will absorb moisture, begin to swell and deform.

  • When choosing a screen, notice how the pipes go. If they go along the wall to the sink, the sliding panels will have to be trimmed under them. Or fix a small non-moving part to the wall.
  • Provide also a leg room so that you can get close to the bath.

MDF screens cannot be adjusted if your bathtub is different from standard sizes or pipes are held at the place of attachment of the frame.

  • Wooden screens are recommended to be installed only in well-ventilated bathrooms. The panels will absorb less moisture and will last much longer, so this option is preferable for spacious rooms with good ventilation.
  • Accessories for screens is very important. Make sure that the handles are made of high quality material and will not corrode.