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Glass doors for the home: types and their characteristics (29 photos)


Most people experience contradictory feelings when they see doors made of glass - from the point of view of aesthetics, this is truly excellent, but this design makes the objects behind the closed door visible to the eyes, which is not always good. Some people believe that the doors of glass are not suitable for apartments, but more appropriate for halls of the exhibition type.




However, in reality, everything is different and the glass doors in the apartment are put quite often. In this material we have to figure out what role glass doors play in the interior of a dwelling, and also find out which doors are better to install in the living room, in the kitchen or in the bathroom.



Glass doors of oar type

Oar glass doors are most in demand among consumers, because they are arranged in the same way as simple interior doors with glass. In terms of design, these products have two different features: there are types of doors with reference to the door box, and there are types that quietly do without this system.

Hinged-glass doors that are tied to the box can be considered the most optimal option for interior doors - the door leaf fits very tightly to the surface of the box, and also provides very good sound insulation for the room.

The design of such doors is identical to that found in similar interior-type products made of wood or plastic. Glass doors for the home have a difference only in terms of the material of the canvas, as well as in terms of the special structure of latches and door hinges. Products of this type are created on the basis of different technologies: with the lack of a frame and equipped with a frame (made of aluminum).



Aluminum glass doors have one important advantage: the glass door leaf is equipped with reliable protection against possible impacts in the area of ​​door edges.



Swing doors made of glass with a missing box are products with a swinging structure, that is, they can be opened in any direction. Such a system is convenient to use, but the insulation from this approach is somewhat affected. Due to the special opening / closing mechanism and the absence of the box, it is impossible to close the door tightly.



Such door canopies fix in two places: in the lower and upper parts of the opening. They are rotational axes, for the normal functioning of which gaps are needed, which are located between the door leaf and the opening. If you choose between swinging and swinging glass doors, you should make this choice, assessing the real situation: for example, if a room is occupied on a certain side, then it will be better to install a door that swings open in one direction.



Interior doors with glass can also differ in terms of glass used. If you do not want to see the room behind it through a closed door, then it is better to opt for a frosted glass door. It is also worth adding that frosted glass doors are great for the interior of any bathroom. If you already have a glass product, but you want to get rid of its transparency, then you can tint the coating with a mirror film.



Sliding glass doors

Glass interior doors of sliding type significantly save space. The area needed to open the swing door can be used more rationally. Sliding glass doors are presented in several variations at once. Different designs of such doors are associated with one single detail - a roller mechanism with guides, which makes it possible to open products of this design.



Sliding Doors

Sliding glass doors with a similar design are usually located in the side of the aperture. The door can be double or single. To open such a door, you have to push it aside. Doors of a similar pattern function bidirectionally. Sliding glass doors can be installed in almost any room.

Folding glass doors have two different designs: frame and frameless type. When frameless design doors have larger sections than when the frame structure. Folding doors installed indoors give the surroundings a very sophisticated style. They can be decorated with special films or by sandblasting.

Almost everyone knows that all existing doors have their own unique purpose. There are doors that are used exclusively in apartments, and there are doors designed for public spaces. We understand the design of interior doors made of glass, so we will try to understand how the options for entrance doors work.



Glass for doors have great strength. They are able to withstand any load. The degree of thickness of the material used, as well as special production technologies, make it possible to manufacture entrance doors that can withstand shocks of any force. If you are unhappy with the presence of transparency, the glass door can be easily tinted.



The curved shape is characteristic of radical glass doors, which is why such products are not suitable for every interior. Appointment they are purely specialized, are used on the radical walls, or if there is a need to ensure entry into a particular room from the corner side. In terms of design, these doors are:

  • coupe;
  • sliding;
  • swinging

Features of glass door decoration

In order to decorate glass structures, many representatives of modern design use special techniques.

Create a unique door design can be quickly and very cheap, using a special decorative film.

Beautiful doors can be made in another way, it will hit the wallet more, but it can provide quality. This design method involves the use of sandblasting, the cost of such decor is equal to the doors themselves.



Triplex glass can provide not only a beautiful design, but also a high level of strength of the door structure. In decorating the room, the color of the glass used plays an equally important role. In most cases, to give a special atmosphere, glass doors are used with a color that blends perfectly with the surrounding interior. The greatest demand is for black glass doors.