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Floor mirror in the decor of the house - beyond the mirror (25 photos)


Mirrors have long become indispensable attributes of any home. But today, more often, similar products are used as decorative elements.

Fragile glass can be a modern fashion accessory, creating an original accent in the interior. A large floor mirror will fill the room with light, visually expand the space, giving it lightness and freedom. It is for this reason that mirrors have become a full-fledged decoration, with the help of which true masterpieces of decorative art are often created.



Variety of floor mirrors

Professional designers distinguish several varieties of similar products. Each species has its own differences and characteristics:

  • Psyche. This design option is considered a classic. The design of the mirrors allows you to quickly and effortlessly change the angle of inclination, which makes the operation process more convenient. The mirror cloth is fixed on a special axis, between a pair of supports. Products are often bilateral, with one of the parties having an increasing effect. Floor mirror with adjustable angle is ideal for a bedroom or dressing room, where it is important to see the reflection in full growth. It looks interesting product oval.
  • Mirror on the stand. The design of these products can be very different. There are models with a cabinet, drawers, shelves for easy storage. Their device resembles the previous model, but the mirror here is securely attached to the frame and does not change the inclination.
  • Attached products. This model is considered the most popular in the design environment, since it can be made a real work of art. Mirrors do not have legs, so they simply lean against the wall. For such products, luxuriously decorated original frames are created, which harmoniously look in the interior of the living room or bedroom, attracting attention and decorating the whole room. Special charm to the room will give an old mirror.
  • Mirror-screen. This is another popular model that will be an excellent option for the home. The screen helps to divide the space into functional zones, shows reflection in full growth.

Modern manufacturers create original mirror cloths, for example, coated with silver or aluminum. Elite models are coated with chrome and gold. Products are made using baguettes, decorative frames, equipped with interior lighting. Particularly attractive and luxurious look frame frames. Designers enliven the reflective surface with a beautiful decor, creating old frames in an artificial way. Very popular products in the style of Provence, bringing into the room a special flavor.

Wooden baguettes will be an excellent option for a room with a classic design. Different types of wood are used for their production: mahogany, oak, pine and others.

The laconic design of the mirror canvas is suitable for a conservative minimalist interior. Brown, silver, bronze or gold colors will be relevant. The shade should blend in with the existing room design. The minimalism of the interior can easily be emphasized with a mirror without a frame.



Connoisseurs of cozy home atmosphere should pay attention to the floor mirror in the frame, which is made with the use of forged elements. The carved mirror in the Baroque style or old models will add warmth and softness to the interior. Metal frames, smooth or textured, matte or glossy are more suitable for modern design.

By tradition, the floor mirror is selected in the hallway. It is in this room that outerwear is put on and preparation for going out. A full-length mirror reflects the appearance and self-confidence. The reflective surface in the hallway not only fulfills its traditional purpose, but also visually expands the space and makes the small room bright. Often wenge color is used here.

White mirror is perfect for the bathroom. Its colors are in harmony with the color of plumbing. Due to the high level of humidity characteristic of this room, it is better to select models with a special water-repellent coating.

A large mirror on the stand is great for spacious bathrooms where you can create truly royal interiors. In addition, in this room it is also necessary to have a full-length construction.



For the living room is actually a mobile floor mirror, which can be moved if necessary. The shape and colors should be selected depending on the interior of the room. Visually increase the room will help the product on the racks, which occupies the entire wall. Effectively the mirror which reflects lamps looks. An old product with legs will make the living room more cozy and comfortable.



Selecting a model for the bedroom, you should pay attention to the oval shape, which looks quite interesting. It is necessary to carefully consider the location of the mirror, so that it does not interfere with a full rest. Experts recommend installing it not in front of the headboard, but on the side. Metal floor mirror goes well with modern style.

For the dining room, a beautiful leg mirror will be a wonderful decoration.

It is enough to put it against the wall, and immediately changes will be noticeable for the better.



Advantages of floor mirrors

The main advantage of such models will be the opportunity to look at yourself in full growth. Not only women like this, but also men who always strive to look perfect. A variety of designs allows you to choose a product suitable for any interior.




Mirrors on wheels are especially practical, since they can be easily moved to the right place. Products are made, as a rule, in geometric forms, however, the frames differ in a wide variety, the use of decorative elements is not limited to absolutely nothing.




Antique and modern mirrors are harmoniously combined with a variety of styles, creating an attractive effect.