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Green bathroom (18 photos): joy and harmony every day

What could be more optimistic than a green bathroom? This is one of the most life-affirming colors in the whole spectrum! Any interior decorated in green tones becomes brighter, more joyful, gives activity and at the same time calm. It is reasonable to use this shade for bathroom design. The bathroom almost always lacks natural lighting, so it is required to add light and heat to this room in many different ways.

In the bathroom, we want to relax, feel refreshed and fresh. Color therapy will help! Feel free to choose the green color, and do not be confused by the popularity of the green bathroom. Yes, this is a common version of interior design, but you always have room for imagination and the opportunity to create something new. Moreover, at your disposal - a lot of non-standard shades and interesting combinations. Choose: blue-green interior, gray-turquoise, beige-olive, gray-olive and others, including the classic alliance - white and light green! Everyone is good in his own way.

With the green perfectly harmonize the most different colors - from dazzling white to red-brown and black. If you want, revitalize the space with the help of yellow-lemon blotches, red-brown accessories or a contrast cabinet. Buy noble furniture of gray-blue color! The decor can be any (within your imagination and good taste). You can play with the color of the sink (for example, the sink can be beige or transparent).

In addition, the fact that the green color is good at creating the interior of any style plays its part. Classic, minimalism, baroque, oriental and eco-style look equally advantageous in the design of a green bathroom. Modern gurus in the field of interior design offer us a lot of great ideas. The main thing is to put into practice any of the ideas you like.

Etude in shades of green

There are a few basic rules for decorating a modern green bathroom. First, do not experiment with the ceiling. Leave it white! This is the best you can think of. Also, do not violate the important rule associated with the use of several shades of green: a single shade will not look so interesting and simplify the design too much.

Designers recommend using similar shades that differ in color intensity (lighter and darker). The primacy should be given to light shades, the dark ones will create an interesting contrast, occupying a smaller area. For example, you can choose a light malachite tile and a dark closet or cabinet. Against the background of light green panels, a blue-green curtain or dark shell will look advantageous. The glass sink will create the feeling of an aristocratic apartment. Dark green closet will be an excellent accent in the bathroom, decorated in light olive colors. The mosaic on a wall or a panel of similar colors looks good.

Designers recommend that the floor be light (for example, beige-green or white-brown). Alternatively, it can be lined with contrast tiles. Here it is better to use combinations similar in shade. In a small bathroom it is better not to get involved in motley walls or floors, its design should be more concise, here you will need the simplest furniture.

Can your bathroom be considered spacious? It is wonderful! In this case, its own rules of interior design. Here the green tile for the bathroom may be inappropriate and monotonous. More precisely, you can use it as one of the decorative elements, but it is better to apply it in combination with panels of similar color: for example, when using olive tiles you can choose beige or gray panels. Also at your disposal vinyl wallpaper, wood and other types of materials suitable for the bathroom. They can also be alternated with panels. In large bathrooms it is better to stay on light-colored furniture, preferably beige-yellow or white-green. For example, an olive stand and a closet of olive-gray shade will do.

A great decor option - with the help of live accessories - indoor flowers. Rug and curtain can be the same color or similar shades, for example, dark blue, this is one of the classic combinations with green.

Which shade is right for you?

The base green color we are interested in includes the mass of half tones. In the spectrum of green there are flashy shades or too simple, poisonous or dirty-dark. You should not use them to decorate your bathroom even as an additional color. Choose noble shades for furniture, tile and other accessories. Consider that each shade carries its own meaning: a modern-style bathroom will require marsh shades, as well as salad or light green, with the addition of yellow and beige.

If you are a fan of the classics, then stop your choice on an olive shade and add accessories of mint color.

Eco-style requires a jade shade, rustic style - emerald green. Do you have a small bathroom? Do not buy materials of dark color, the space will expand light green shades.

Space for combinations

There is a mass of proven combinations that look modern and calm at the same time.

  • For example, the white-green interior is always beautiful: it gives freshness and cleanliness and looks very bright. A white-green wall will always expand the space and give a feeling of spaciousness. The decor is done in basic colors: you can add a white rug and a light closet. The shell is desirable to choose a light shade.
  • The blue-green design option is suitable for more relaxed personalities: this combination relaxes and gives confidence. It will look good blue-green mosaic on the wall or on the floor, as well as neutral furniture and not too catchy accessories: blue-brown rug or curtain, shelves in tone, blue-green nightstand, turquoise panels.
  • Beige and green version is ideal for those. who are looking for a place in the bathroom for peace and meditation. The panels can be beige-brown, the main tone of the tile is olive. The combination of beige and green is a win-win choice, you only need to find accessories of the appropriate shades: beige rug, beige-olive furniture.
  • Gray-green design refers to colder solutions, but it looks very stylish and modern. Gray-green bathroom keeps the balance of activity and calm.

Bright decisions

It looks very cheerful red-green and yellow-green options. These are ideas for active people: in such an unusual space, a contrasting mosaic of elements of scarlet and green tones looks beautiful and stylish. The mosaic in this case may not be abstract - you can use floral motifs. What color can furniture be in such a space? Best of all, if you do not add a third color, but use one of the basic shades, only lighter: for example, a light green cupboard or cabinet.

In the red-green bathroom you will always be in a good mood. The most unusual ideas will come to mind! A similar effect gives a yellow-green bath. In particular, it will appeal to children! In the yellow-green space look bright yellow towels, lemon curtain, wardrobe of sunny color. For mosaics, you can take a tile with floral patterns - for example, dandelions or daffodils. Spring will always reign in your yellow-green bathroom!