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Creating a loft style in the room of the kid and teenager (23 photos)


A sense of style and good taste must be instilled in a child since childhood. This can be done if you create a beautiful and stylish design in the nursery. An excellent solution would be a children's room in the loft style. In addition to originality and sophistication, the loft style is notable for the affordable cost of realization. The most successful room looks teenager in the style of a loft. It allows the child to express himself, to show his rebellious nature and personality. However, it can also be used for the interior of a baby toddler. When you make a child in the style of a loft is not necessary to perform all the space in the same style. You can only use certain details that will set the desired mood.




Features of the loft style for the children's room

It is difficult to find protruding beams, brick walls and open communications in the children's room in an ordinary high-rise building, which are the main interior details in this style, so any details must be made artificially. However, to create such a design can be quite simple means. For example, use the wallpaper with the image of the brickwork, open lighting and furniture in the loft style. In this case, the creation of such an interior will be inexpensive, and will not require serious alterations to the room.



Loft-style design appeared almost a hundred years ago. Initially, it was used in the conversion of old industrial premises into residential areas with minimal investment. Style has always been preferred by young and creative people. Nowadays, it is used not only for any premises, including even children's rooms.






Features create a loft style in the nursery

To create an unusual interior in the same style, you should follow these recommendations:

  1. Children's room in loft style should remain spacious and free, regardless of the size of the room. Even if the room is small, you should not force it with furniture, install partitions or other elements that can make the room visually smaller.
  2. To finish the room should use simple materials that match the style of the loft. Such materials include plaster, brick, wooden boards or materials that can replace them. For example, you can finish one wall with bricks or use wallpaper with his image instead.
  3. The optimum flooring - wooden boards. They can be artificially aged, then opened with varnish.
  4. An excellent solution would be the use of open beams on the ceiling or their imitation. This is one of the characteristic elements of the interior in the style of a loft, so its use is mandatory.
  5. Furniture for the room, choose simple, coarse and functional. It may be old things, additionally decoration under the color scheme of the room. For example, an old chest that has been gathering dust in the grandmother's attic for a long time can be painted with bright paint and then aged artificially. In such a chest you can store toys or clothes. Old furniture can be combined with new or to combine new furniture and old accessories.
  6. So that the nursery in the loft style for the girl does not seem rude, it can be softened with original posters, bright decorative pillows and blankets, as well as soft carpets.
  7. When creating an interior in the style of a loft, it is recommended to zoning the space with the help of through shelving. This technique will allow you to share a place for rest and study, but at the same time you can maintain natural light throughout the room, as well as its volume.
  8. Children's loft-style for boys and girls should be decorated with a large number of posters, bright elements and functional things. It can be posters with any musical groups or actors, and for boys - photos of your favorite football players or other athletes. Children's loft for toddlers can be decorated with their own drawings.

Children's loft style - it is comfortable and functional. When creating such a design, you can most successfully use old and new interior items. For example, a brand-new flat-screen TV can be hung on a brick wall, and a modern audio system can be installed on an aged wooden shelf.




Advantages of children's loft style

For a boy and an adolescent girl, it is important to stand out against the background of the same age, so the loft style will be a great way to decorate the room in an original way to the taste of the child. It is not necessary to use all the elements of the loft style. Maximum free space, functional furniture and more light help to make the room cozy and unusual.



The advantages of this style include a large amount of light. It is important to use both natural and artificial light. For natural lighting you need to make large windows and transparent curtains, and for artificial - spotlights, wall lamps and the main chandelier in the center of the ceiling.




Complementing the interior with just a few details of the loft style allows you to make it fashionable, practical and cozy. Moreover, its creation will be inexpensive due to the use of simple materials.