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How to choose a pillow to sleep: the best materials and forms


Almost a third of his life a person is sleeping. Without a normal sleep, we can neither work, nor learn, nor enjoy life. An important factor for a healthy sleep is the choice of a suitable pillow - it depends on the position of the head during sleep how strong and healthy it will be and whether it will benefit the body. Therefore, in the article we consider the question - how to choose a pillow for sleep.

For a comfortable and healthy rest for an adult and a child, it is necessary that the posture be comfortable, that the body lies straight and straight, nothing interferes, does not sting and does not press. It is necessary to choose a good pillow in order to ensure that the head and neck are in an even position in relation to the body - thus, the blood circulation in the cervical region will go its usual way during sleep, that is, it is normal. Incorrect pillow can cause snoring, insomnia and back pain. And for pregnant women, with osteochondrosis, for a small child and a newborn, a competent pillow choice is especially important.

Do I need a new pillow

There are simple criteria that allow you to find out if your current pillow is right for you.

If during sleep you have to put your hand under your cheek or head to make it more comfortable, then the size of your pillow is too small, or it is low. It is necessary to raise the head of the bed to the required height, and it is better to purchase another, more voluminous pillow.

If in the morning you feel pain in the back or in the cervical region, most likely the pillow does not ensure the normal, even position of the spine and neck. Try massage options - they are suitable for pregnant women and osteochondrosis.

If there is a feeling of discomfort, stiffness or inconvenience, it is necessary to find out if this is not related to improper height or stiffness of the pillow. Perhaps it is time to pay attention to the massage model of bamboo. Such options are also well suited for pregnant women, and for cervical osteochondrosis.

For back pain, an anatomical pillow can help - it fits all - even children from an early age. By the way, you can buy massage options for pillows or from bamboo in the nursery for a child - it is better not to buy downy feathers, as it is too soft.

The ideal solution when the height of the pillow is equal to the width of the shoulders - this size will provide the most comfortable option. Comfortable sensations in the cervical region - an important condition for the health of the body, not only with osteochondrosis.

If you often sleep on your side, then you should prefer a more rigid filler, and if you like to sleep on your stomach - soft. For those who prefer to sleep on the back, it is better to choose a pillow of medium hardness, for example - bamboo.

The more you sleep on a softer mattress, the lower the height of the pillow and its hard filling is necessary.

The form


These are the usual rectangular or square models. Many companies produce such options: they are both for pregnant women and for the child; you can also choose models for the newborn and for osteochondrosis.

It is possible to get confused from modern diversity - manufacturers and companies offer so many different options that it becomes difficult to choose this accessory that is necessary for a good sleep without appropriate information.

If you hesitate between natural and artificial filler, then it is useful to find out that both of them have their own advantages. And if you think that natural, no doubt - better, more useful and more durable, then it is not. Fillers made of synthetic material are very good for allergy sufferers and children who are pregnant, suitable even for a newborn, since their composition is neutral. But if you prefer a cozy softness and warmth of natural materials, then choose a natural filler.


  • Pooh
  • Pen
  • Buckwheat
  • Wool
  • Bamboo
  • Vata
  • Silk
  • Latex

All of these fillers have their undeniable advantages. How to choose a pillow for sleep, so that it suits you decide, based on your own preferences and needs.

These fillers, which despite their softness, warmth and natural origin, are not suitable for people with allergies. For a child, pregnant women and osteochondrosis, these models are also not always suitable. In addition, these models need more thorough care, and they are quite expensive. Consider their features.

Down and feather

This is a traditional filler. Even many years ago our great-grandmothers without fail acquired a few lush pillows stuffed with quill pen and swan down as a dowry. In the nursery, such models are not very suitable, as they cause allergies: it is better to use artificial fillers for the child or to buy a bamboo model.

A pillow with such a "filling" perfectly retains its shape. It is enough to beat it up after sleep - and here it is again luxuriant and voluminous, and the fabric is smoothed. Tips:

  • The size of the model chosen depends on the constitution of who will sleep on it, and if it is chosen for a child, it depends on how old he is.
  • Fully downy options are not recommended, as they are too hot and badly shaped. They cannot provide sufficient support for the neck and spinal column. Not suitable for newborns and osteochondrosis.


If the pillow is stuffed with natural down or feather, there is a high probability that a tick will start in them. It is for this reason that in ancient times it was decided every summer to “fry” pillows for several days under the scorching sun. Modern bamboo model in this way, of course, do not have to handle.

The pillow requires regular replacement - natural material has a limited lifespan. Every 5 years, on average, it is necessary to replace down-feather products with new ones. Choosing a bamboo model, you will save yourself from such problems.

If you want to buy an orthopedic version with artificial filler, especially for a child, then it is best to first consult with a pediatrician or orthopedic surgeon about this. It is necessary to test several options, choosing in the end the size, content and fabric that are comfortable and pleasant for you. Most stores with orthopedic products usually understand this and do not mind testing their products.

When you buy, make sure that the pillow is well sewn - feathers do not climb from it, smooth seams, and small stitches. It is desirable that the stitches are double - in this case it is guaranteed that the cushion will be of high quality, durable and last for many years. Hypoallergenic massage pillows in this regard can not be checked - as a rule, they are made of high quality latex or bamboo. In the latter case, only the size of the product and the reputation of the manufacturer are important.