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The interior of a room without windows (21 photos): make the room cozy and bright


In modern apartments, individual planning or redevelopment often form rooms that do not have a single window. Initially, it may be some utility rooms, dressing rooms, bathrooms and other non-main rooms in a house, usually a small area. Making the interior of these rooms, it is necessary to take into account several important points that will help to compensate for the lack of natural light in them, and to make the design harmonious. In the article, we will tell you how to design a room without windows correctly - what to look for and what aspects to do more carefully.



Design techniques

Consider, with what design and decoration techniques, we can achieve a harmonious room without windows:

Window imitation

This reception is the most common for a small room. It creates quite realistic impression of the presence of the window. After all, the lack of windows psychologically negatively affects a person. Psychologists even say that even if you just draw coal on the brick wall with a window on the wall of the room, this alone will have a positive effect on the mood and condition of the nervous system. Methods of imitation:

  • For accuracy, you can hang the curtains - in the place where you want the "window". A nearby fan can create a feeling that the wind from the street is shaking. And the lamp behind the curtain will support the impression that the light is going outside. In this case, the curtain itself should not be too dense, better - translucent. Thus even a living room or a bedroom can be decorated.
  • If you hang a large picture in a landscape or marine theme on the wall of a small kitchen or bedroom, this technique will help to create the impression that there is a window in the room. But the picture should be in light, better - blue, green tones. Photowall-paper with landscapes and realistic vegetative images make the same impression - they can decorate both a drawing room, and a bedroom.
  • An excellent solution would be a picture with a city theme - for example, a brightly lit street in New York or another metropolis. Such a picture or wallpaper can make quite a reliable impression of the view from the window. Such a design can often be seen on television when the presenter is in a studio decorated with a realistic panel. All viewers have the impression that behind the presenter there is a window in which evening Moscow is visible, for example. The bedroom or the space of a small kitchen without windows will play in a new way thanks to this technique.
  • A great idea for a picture is a long walkway that goes far into "infinity". This technique visually expands the space of a small room without windows - the room will become more visually.
  • Special plastic molding panels, which are embedded in the lights, can create the impression that there is a window in the room. This design looks especially decorative when the room lights are turned off. Not too suitable for the kitchen, especially - small.
  • Use to decorate the interior of the mirror. With their ability to reflect light, they may well replace windows. In addition, they expand the interior of a small room.



Stained glass windows

  • Together with the imitation of the window opening, the stained glass windows also serve as a stylish decorative decoration of the interior, and are also suitable for a small room.
  • Behind the stained composition you can place a source of artificial lighting. This technique will highlight the stained glass, make the space of the kitchen or bedroom more voluminous and elegant.
  • Stained-glass windows create a great mood due to their beauty and decorativeness, drive away the blues, depression and look original.
  • Looks great stained glass decoration of the bathroom, kitchen and even a corridor.

They are able to create an imitation of natural light in a room without windows - if you install hidden from the eye fixtures. They can be placed in special panels in the ceiling, behind cabinets and furniture. Such diffused lighting looks very decorative, the design gives a softness to the atmosphere that is not harmful to the eyes - the bedroom or living room becomes cozy and comfortable.

Use a variety of fixtures - all sorts of modifications and variations. Use floor lamps, wall lamps, spotlights, chandeliers, night lamps, table lamps, etc.




  • This detail of the interior gives the room depth, perfectly reflects the light, doubling its amount.
  • Mirrors are perfect for any interior, in whatever style it may be decorated. Differences will only be in the form of mirrors and frame design.
  • An excellent reception is to place special mirror panels in the small room near the ceiling. They will reflect the light that will fill the entire room with a soft diffused lighting, make its design much lighter and visually lighter.
  • The combination of mirrors and lamps. For example, a small sconce attached to the edge of the mirror will create twice as much light, decorate the interior.




Use in a small room not matte, but glossy surfaces. It can be lacquered shelves, tables, cabinets, etc. Light is reflected in shiny surfaces and diffused throughout the living room or kitchen.




Some useful points:

  • When making a room without windows, use more light elements. You should not clutter up such a room with dark, gloomy furniture and decor items - in such a retribution, in the literal sense of the word, there will not be enough air in the figurative. The ceiling of a living room or kitchen without windows is necessarily white, and its design should be simple.
  • More glass surfaces. This transparent material creates a light and fresh interior in a small room. For example, you can use glass countertops, furniture cabinet doors, shiny glass trinkets. Living room, bedroom or another room with a predominance of glass will look modern and elegant.
  • Properly use textiles for the interior. In a room with no windows, do not need thick, heavy curtains and drapes, bedspreads. Textiles of the bedroom or living room should support a “light” impression - therefore, delicate, translucent fabrics will come in handy. Textiles can also be draped, with numerous air folds attached to a room without a window of weightlessness.
  • If a room includes a wall niche, it must necessarily have a separate light source, maybe not one. This design will make this corner an excellent window imitation.
  • Chrome-plated and nickel-plated surfaces will fall to the court in a room without a window. They will look very good if the design of the room is designed in high-tech style or minimalism.