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Provence style tiles - the perfect interior solution (30 photos)


Provence is the southern region in France, where the sun always shines, lavender fields bloom beautifully, and the hostesses do not spare for their dishes olive oil and fragrant spices. Interiors made in this style have distinctive features and a special mood. There are no trifles in them - everything is important, including the fact how correctly selected the tile for the walls and the floor.




Provence style traits

If you decide to create your own interior in the style of Provence, you need to carefully study its features. So, for Provence characteristic:

  • simplicity;
  • conciseness;
  • use of natural materials;
  • antiquities;
  • the predominance of calm, pastel colors;
  • mandatory presence of bright accents.




Provence is essentially the same country style, only in the French sense, which means that it is characterized by some refinement and romance. Create a real Provence in the interior will be obtained only if the wall and floor decor is correctly made. For this, natural materials or artificial materials that imitate them should be used. In rooms in Provence style, walls and floors are sheathed:

  • a tree;
  • ceramics;
  • brick;
  • natural stone;
  • by metal.

The most winning and versatile material - Provence ceramic tiles. It performs several functions at once. First, it hides ugly concrete walls and wiring under itself, and secondly, it decorates the interior. Today, ceramic tile is presented in a variety of design options and colors, including the characteristic pastel for this style. Also for the apron in the kitchen, you can pick up tiles with miniature images. For a Provence-style kitchen in the classic sense, a small wall tile is ideal, which can depict an olive branch, a bouquet of lavender, a jug and lemons, a simple rural landscape. Tile for the kitchen in the style of Provence can be decorated with a variety of subjects, the main thing - to choose what you like it.



Choosing a tile for the kitchen

For the design of the kitchen you will need floor and wall tiles. These two types of tiles differ in thickness. A thick tile is laid on the floor, and better - granite. For the kitchen on the apron often use a thinner tile.

When choosing a tile for the kitchen you need to pay attention to it:

  • heat resistance;
  • fire safety;
  • moisture resistance;
  • wear resistance;
  • beauty

For the Provence-style kitchen, you need not just beautiful tiles, but completely in color and design corresponding to the chosen style. Need a tile that is not afraid of moisture and heat. This tile has to be steady against influence of aggressive detergents and not crack, being near gas rings. For the kitchen you need to select high-quality tiles, which over time will not fade and will not lose its original appearance.






For walls, a tile is chosen from which dust and grease can be easily erased. Here more attention should be paid to the color palette. The best option would be a beige tile in the style of Provence, as well as sand, milk or light brown. To make the interior not too boring, you can add bright accents: use blue, olive, yellow, blue, and violet tiles to decorate the walls.

The main protagonist of the kitchen interior is a tiled apron. Here, designer's imagination does not limit anything. The apron can be laid out from a monochromatic tile of a contrasting color, or it can be decorated with ceramic tiles or tiles with unique plots. Also in the center on the apron may appear whole pictures of village life, which consist of several rows of ceramic tiles.

An apron in the kitchen in the style of Provence can be made under wood, brick, natural stone - such tiles can also be found in modern stores.

In order for the interior to have a finished look, the table top is also tiled. In this case, you need to use glazed tiles, high strength, which is not afraid of moisture and temperature increase. A worktop and an apron can be laid with the same tile. Also suitable for the countertop tiles in the form of a mosaic and a natural stone.




We make a bathroom in the style of Provence

Provence style is so popular that it draws not only kitchens and living rooms, but even the bathroom. For the bathroom, Provence is also characterized by the use of natural wood, calm and pastel finishing materials with bright accents, and copper plumbing. In the interior of such baths there is no place for minimalism, there can be no sharp lines, sharp corners and chromed iron. The mood of the French province can be created only if the bathroom tile is correctly selected. That it will be the background on which the entire interior will be created.

Provence for the bathroom should be in calm and romantic colors. There should be less bright accents than in the kitchen, and more deep, natural shades. So, in the bathroom in the style of Provence fit tile color of emerald sea, meadow herbs, olives, baked milk and the sun. Choose a tile for the bath of those colors that cause associations with nature, and then in this room you will be able to truly relax and disconnect from the endless daily worries and problems.




For the bathroom, as well as for the kitchen, a strong tile is selected that does not lose its beauty with the constant impact of moisture on it. You can close all surfaces with tiles of the same color, and you can make a sharp transition between the floors, walls and the ceiling. On the floor, you can put a sturdy porcelain stoneware, and make the wall monochromatic, in bright colors. In this style it will be appropriate to look also light blue, pale pink or olive tiles of a calm shade. You can also make bright accents using the tile, but a little differently than in the kitchen.

For the bathroom fit tile with calm patterns. For example, in a milky bathroom on all the walls in the middle part, you can lay a tile with a turquoise or blue pattern. It is also permissible to divide a wall with a tile under a red brick. This tile will be combined with beige, sand, milk colors.




By the way, if you want to make a real bathroom in the style of Provence, you can completely abandon the tile for the walls and just paint them. To create the style of the pre-wall, you can impose a brick intentionally somewhat casually, and only then cover it with a layer of paint. Provence style is good because it allows a variety of finishes and combinations of various types of building materials.




Those who love Provence style, but hardly ever be able to move to permanent residence in the south of France, modern designers offer an alternative solution - the creation of this style at home. And it does not matter at all what house you live in the house or apartment. Provence style can be created even in a small room, you just need to choose the right ceramic tile and other finishing materials and make no mistake with the choice of furniture and interior items. Provence is closer than it might seem, you just need to want to make your dream a reality.