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Bedroom in Art Nouveau style (18 photos): beautiful modern design


Bedroom in modern style is a combination of sophistication and original methods of modernity. Unusual techniques are often used here: “interesting” curtains, ornaments or wallpapers, zoning, original furniture, etc.

Modern, as one of the areas of art, for over 100 years. But even despite this, more and more new nuances are constantly arising in it (the design of the chandelier, decor items are changed, new wallpapers are used, etc.), which literally make this style strictly follow the latest fashion trends. Modern has no single focus and is characterized in different countries by its national traditions and even differs in name:

  • Tiffany;
  • Liberty;
  • Art Nouveau;
  • Art Nouveau.

But in the domestic version of modernity there are no such divisions. We usually use the so-called classic or modern style solutions.



Shades and colors

The main condition in this case is a dim and light color palette (be it curtains or other decorations). All tones and halftones should be as natural as possible: gold, beige, silver, brown, white, purple, etc.

In addition, such a room often has flowing lines (wallpaper with a characteristic pattern or decorative elements) and natural ornaments. Sometimes as a decoration there are even lines in the shape of the letter S. The black-and-white interior of the bedroom in the modern style also looks just as original, and as a bright accent you can add a large piece of furniture, beautiful curtains or make one of the walls of the room bright and rich .


A variety of materials are ideal for decorating walls in modern interior: liquid wallpaper, light cork, paint, etc. You can also use small wooden panels with an unusual pattern, but the tree must be of the highest quality.

In the interior of the modern bedroom, as in the design of other rooms, there are unusual stained glass windows and wrought iron objects. Stained glass and other original glass with patterns are often decorated with chandeliers, doors, windows and other surfaces where glass can be used.

Here, comfortable and practical light furniture decorated with exquisite fittings comes to the fore. But the central place in the bedroom, of course, is the bed. It should be massive with smooth, slightly curved lines.

Not a bad solution would be a bed with a headboard in the form of simple geometric shapes or with the presence of a curtain and bulky sides around the perimeter of the mattress.

To the note: this side is very convenient because you can put a cup on it or put a book, and the blanket with pillows will not fall, but it is not comfortable to climb from such a bed.

Despite the mandatory subdued lighting, the Art Nouveau bedroom is often decorated with large window openings. The sun's rays do not disturb the overall interior.

Art Nouveau decoration elements can be very diverse. The main thing is not to overload the premises with them. Such an interior does not tolerate motley wallpaper, clutter and extra pomp. This is very important, otherwise, instead of a refined bedroom, you can get a "vulgar" and repulsive room.

  1. Budget savings. This design allows you to choose the least expensive materials for interior decoration: accessories, lamps, chandeliers and pieces of furniture. At the same time, if finances allow, you can create a truly luxurious bedroom that emphasizes the impeccable taste of its owner (using natural wood, stone, granite, etc.)
  2. Unlimited textile selection. The main condition - curtains, upholstery, bedspreads and pillows must be in harmony with each other. It is quite easy to add a certain zest to the design of the bedroom using a monochrome or monochrome carpet on the floor. Again, the bright palette of any items here is mandatory.