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Red bedroom (17 photos): beautiful design and color combinations


In each house, the bedroom has a special place, because it is a place where you need to relax before the next day. Many prefer the soft colors in this room so that the wallpaper, curtains, bed and other furniture relax. But there are bedroom lovers who charge with energy! This category includes a red bedroom. Although they say that red is demanding and unnecessarily emotional, but the impressions of such a room are always amazing.

Like any color, a specific palette is preferable in certain styles. A red bedroom will be more interesting to look at if you keep it in a certain stylistic direction. So in what styles does red best reveal itself?

  • Ethnic;
  • Victorian;
  • Oriental;
  • English;
  • Empire;
  • Baroque;



Perfect color combinations

Red bedroom in one palette will be difficult for the psyche, so it is recommended to use different color combinations. Although the color is rather capricious, there are still winning combinations. It is surprising that this color loves contrasts and is most bright with interlacing of both light and dark tones.

Red and white bedroom occupies a leading position in the design world. Preference is given to white, and red is already engaged in accents. White wallpaper and bright red lamps on the walls look amazing. In the white room, you can select the window by ordering red curtains or curtains. Sometimes the design turns over and preference is given to the red. Then the white blotches soften with their coldness the excessively hot temperament of red. Highlighting one wall with scarlet, and the neighboring walls with white, you can significantly expand the space visually, which is necessary in a small room.

If your choice is red, in which you need to paint only one wall, then this should be the wall with the bed where its headboard is located. You can play on the effect of the wholeness of the headboard with the wall and paint the high back in the same color as the wallpaper.
Adherents of extreme sports are still advised to avoid the purple and fiery colors, and use cherry, brown-cranberry, beet decor. Such a transition from red-yellow to burgundy will play a positive role! Ideal combination of red flowers with others, for example, white. It will create a certain background on which red will be more refined, and also facilitate the contemplation of red. You can add striped wallpaper. This will also dilute the oppressive monotony and bring in details. To fill the room with the mood of love romance in scarlet color, there is no need to change the light of the walls at all; This will make it possible, if desired, to retreat the situation in reverse order without prejudice to the general appearance of the interior.




In such rooms, lighting is also of great importance. Saturated and bright lighting will be too harsh and unpleasant. Where appropriate, something scattered and soft. This will make the bedroom more romantic and cozy. Ideally suited muted night lamps, elegant floor lamps or hidden ceiling lighting.