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Peach color in the interior (56 photos): successful combinations


Peach color in the interior has always been very popular in the Far East. Locals didn’t just want to make their home more comfortable, to make it comfortable and functional, but also to bring in a certain harmony. In our country, such design was started to be used not so long ago.







  1. Besides the fact that the peach color is very beautiful, it also has a beneficial effect on the human psyche. The interior of the walls in peach flowers calms, gives a feeling of reliability, security and improves mood.
  2. Any surfaces, even curtains, if they are glossy, look velvety, and such velvetyness is pleasant to many people.
  3. As a rule, peach interiors with different combinations of shades are very warm. And the brighter the peach tone, the more “hot” will be the design of the kitchen, bedroom, etc. And by adding light pink to the paint or choosing a wallpaper of this color, you can get a cold peach color. Light shades of peach are perceived as delicate. In the presence of light peach walls in the room of a person literally envelops with some kind of tenderness and affection. That is why peach or orange tones are often used to decorate children's and bedrooms.
  4. Peach shades are considered "naive", and many designers simply refuse to work with them. However, naivety is not a disadvantage. It is rather a trait that can cause both emotion and irritation. It is easy to smooth out a similar effect - you only need to add “serious” colors, sharp forms or, for example, bright curtains of a coarse texture to the peach interior. In this case, the design of the room will partially or completely lose its naivety. Of course, in the women's or children's rooms a little playfulness and lightheadedness should not be removed.







Peach bedroom

When decorating the walls of a room in peach color, it is necessary to remember that it is this color that should be solo, especially if it is not too bright, as when combined with other saturated colors (bright curtains, sofas, walls, etc.) " peach "can be slightly lost, its gentle and soft notes will disappear. Of course, such options are quite acceptable if you want to add some zest or extravagance to the interior. The atmosphere in the bedroom, where the main is a bright peach color, will be filled with romance, comfort and tenderness.




When decorating a living room in peach color, you can give free rein to your imagination - use absolutely any wallpaper and combinations, or make walls in the usual soft and calm style. At the same time, as a small decoration, it is worth adding a couple of rich colors. Such an interior room simply overwhelms the sunny mood and delight.

But the bright peach color in the interior of the living room perfectly with the tree. The latter has a brownish-orange tint that will complement the peach interior in a beneficial way - beautiful, cozy and very stylish. You can slightly bring peach wall design with wallpaper to orange, which will make the situation in the house as similar to the east. Also, do not be amiss to decorate the peach living room with green curtains.







As mentioned earlier, the peach color is universal, bright and at the same time very delicate. Therefore, for the children's room, it will be very helpful. And it does not matter how old its owner is: it’s just a kid or an older child.






For example, the design of the walls in a room for a little girl can be very interesting. The choice of peach wallpapers with circles, wide or narrow stripes, as well as with another variant of geometric figures will be appropriate here. It will not be superfluous to place bright accents around the perimeter of the room: all sorts of textiles, curtains, patterns, etc.

To the note: in the design of a child's room you can use bright enough and rich peach shades, which is not always good again for an adult’s bedroom.

In addition, peach walls and the ceiling in the nursery will complement original furniture: ottomans, sofas, beds and chairs of peach flowers and unusual shapes.



Peach color in the kitchen

Peach is known to be a fruit. The use of peach color (wallpaper, etc.) in the design of the kitchen will make the interior "appetizing" and "tasty." This solution is especially successful for a small kitchen - peach shades that visually increase the space and expand the walls.





In addition, the peach color in the interior of the kitchen may be the only one, without the addition of various accents: peach walls, ceiling, furniture, curtains, etc. It is here to “play” with the transition of colors, so that the interior does not seem like one big spot.

The main advantage of any peach cuisine - almost all materials fit it. These are various types of glass, wallpaper, plastic, wood, etc.

Another interesting variant of the interior is to make not all the walls of the kitchen with a peach one, but only one of them is original and bold.







Peach color is considered practical and natural. That is why it is often used in the design of walls and ceilings of bathrooms. In fact, it is one of the most natural natural colors, which is found in a wide variety of finishing materials and combinations. In addition, peach shades, which are not inherent in many others, are ideal for the bathroom, as well as for the kitchen, also because they visually expand the space, thereby creating the illusion of spaciousness. Here, again, you can use, for example, green or red curtains as a bright shade.







The combination of peach color with different types of interior

  • Ethnic style. Peach shades are often used in the interiors of the walls of living rooms, halls, bedrooms of ethnic styles such as Mexican, Moroccan, etc. For example, the Moroccan interior is a combination of peach wallpapers with gold or white color, as well as with different shades of wrought iron and dark wood. The Mexican style is a variety of peach shades, complemented by any bright color: green, light blue, purple, etc. The peer color will be quite appropriate in almost any style of ethnic orientation. The only exceptions are the cases when the premises (kitchens, living rooms, etc.) are designed in the spirit of the dwellings of northern peoples.
  • Female interior. Of course, pink is considered to be more girlish, but in the case of interior it is not quite appropriate - a room with pink wallpaper simply “screams” about the frivolity and infantilism of its owner. The peber color is also quite feminine and delicate, but, unlike pink no such "insinuations." Therefore, for the decoration of the women's or children's room various peach combinations are more suitable.