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Mirror wall in the interior (50 photos): tiling, mosaic and other decorative options


Everyone wants to make their home as comfortable as possible and of course, beautiful. Modern materials, various textures and colors, a lot of design techniques and chips allow you to carry out all the most daring ideas in a room and apartment. Therefore, do not be afraid of them - with the technical capabilities that are now, you can afford almost any designs and finishes. For example, the design of apartments and houses with the help of a mirror canvas is becoming very popular now. From the mirrors make compositions, paintings, panels, stickers, make out with their help entire walls - in the bedroom, in the hallway, and even in the kitchen. In the article we will consider the peculiarities of dwelling design with a mirror wall, its features, and in what areas of the house the mirror wall looks the most logical and beautiful.



Consider the form in which the mirror is most often used in the design of residential premises:

  • Often meets and looks gorgeous in any room type of decoration, which is a completely monolithic one-piece mirror panel. Owners of housing of the decent sizes can afford such decorative walls from a continuous mirror. In small rooms - even in the bedroom, even in the hallway - the design in the form of a solid mirror panel does not look as impressive.
  • Appropriate tiles can decorate the room, give it a stylish look. Properly located tile will make the room very interesting and luxuriously decorated. And if a mosaic is used - solid or as a panel - then it can make a disco bar from your bathroom. Such a stylistic device with decorative tiles is found in the design of apartments of stylish and active youth.
  • Decorative cabinet doors are the most common way to use a mirror canvas in the design of modern apartments. This decor is perfect for those who do not allow the space of the house to occupy a separate wall under the mirror. You can also successfully apply in this case and mirror wallpaper.
  • Framed mirrors are also a popular method. This is the oldest version of the design room. Now on sale you can find various versions of mirrors in frames: both floor and wall, can be purchased without frames. They will look great in the hallway, and in the bedroom, and in the kitchen. It all depends on the design of the specific premises and material possibilities. Moreover, the frame can even be plastic - modern materials can be very stylish in this design. Even a mirror wall in the living room in a similar design will look great.














How best to place a mirror wall

If you have firmly decided that you need a mirror wall, then it is useful to find out a few rules that will help you implement this design with the least material and aesthetic losses:

  • Do not place large pieces of furniture near the mirror panel, as well as huge plastic structures such as paintings, installations. Reflecting, bulky and massive furniture will make your room visually narrower and much smaller than it actually is. It is better if the mirror panel reflects the free space. Then visually it will seem that the room is twice as large. This technique is especially in demand in a narrow corridor.
  • If the mirror wall reflects light sources, for example, a chandelier, a sconce, other lamps, it will make the room more comfortable and bright. Also, this design will add visual space to the room. Also, if the window is reflected, this will also make the room more spacious and bright. But only if the window is to the right or left of the mirror. If it is directly opposite, then there will be no such effect.
  • You should not have some panels opposite each other or a mirror wall opposite to some structures with the same elements - for example, if mosaic and wallpaper are used. Such a complex distortion can give an undesirable effect of the curvature of space. And purely psychologically, in such a room it would be undesirable to be - even in the bedroom, even in the hallway, even in the kitchen. Even hallucinations, distortion of perception and other adverse effects can begin.
  • If there is a need to get a full overview, including the back (such a need happens, for example, in the wardrobe rooms), then in this case, decorative floor mirrors should be placed in a frame opposite the mirror wall or cabinet. Making a tile or panel here will be inappropriate.
  • It is not recommended to make a mirror design in a narrow room or a corridor. In this case, you can only achieve the effect of further narrowing the space.
  • All sorts of elements crushing a solid canvas like frames, battens, mosaic, wallpaper visually reduce and distort the room in the apartment. Therefore, it is necessary to fix such plastic and wooden elements on the walls very smoothly, otherwise you will find yourself in a kingdom with curved mirrors.













Where is the best looking mirror wall in the interior

  • Mirror options are great when you need a bathroom. With the help of individual elements of the mirror panel, you can achieve a strong effect. Best of all in the interior of the bathroom will look like tiles, covered with a slight patina of patina. This gives the room a certain vintage and gives the effect of antiquity. The frames here are better to use plastic - they are not afraid of water and look stylish.
  • In the bedroom mirror design looks best at the head of the bed. In order to choose the right size of the mirror in this case, push off the size of the bed. The huge bed of the king-size completely "pull" and an equally huge mirror design. Conversely, a modest-sized bed will look good next to the same panel.
  • An excellent choice for the bedroom will also be individual items at the head of the bed, decorated baguette frames. Moreover, if the bedroom is in bright colors, the dark frames will become a stylish decor. You can even use plastic for frames, but painted under a tree.
  • In places where guests gather and the whole family spends time, for example, in living rooms, kitchens, mirror decor should be placed carefully. Since in such rooms there is often a revival, walking, and activity, then a multitude of mirrors can create the effect of melting, and all those present will have a ruffle in their eyes. Therefore, in the living room designers recommend placing mirrors behind the sofas, armchairs.
  • A great place where a mirror wall can be used - the entrance hall. In the hallway, many people rarely assemble at once, so you can use any mirrors, of any sizes and shapes — tile of different shapes, special panels, and any other design will do.











How not to do

How not to arrange the room:

  • Do not place dark, dark objects, black furniture, etc. against the mirror walls. This can reinforce the impression of gloom from the room.
  • You should not have a mirror wall in the corridor opposite the front door. It is also undesirable to have mirrors, especially large ones, opposite the bed.

In conclusion: be careful when working with mirror elements. Coating sheets are very fragile, but, in addition, also quite dangerous. Careless handling can result in a rather painful and dangerous injury. Best of all, if the mirror wall will be mounted by professionals. In this case, you will be guaranteed a fast and high-quality construction without loss and unpleasant consequences. The same applies if you use a mosaic or special wallpaper.