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Beautiful and practical furniture facades for the kitchen (26 photos)


The functionality of the kitchen - a thing, of course, paramount. But similar to the concept that a showcase is the "face" of any store, the first thing that stops our view on the kitchen is the furniture facades. What facades for the kitchen is better to use, you decide. It all depends on your taste and preferences, on the size of the kitchen and on your financial capabilities.

For lovers of everything natural and for those who are irritated by glossy plastic surfaces, a country-style kitchen or Provence is exactly what you need.

If you decide to choose a kitchen in the style of country, then you need to remember that the interior should not be dull and monotonous. But no plastic, MDF, glass. Metal is possible, but not with glass inserts. Only wood and other natural materials. Provence admits if glass will be used in the decoration, but you can’t call it good material for this style either.



Choosing colors

The colors of the facades for the country kitchen can be brown, honey, yellow. Attractive looks in country ocher, green dark shades. Black finish is possible, but in Provence black decorative parts and materials are completely unacceptable. If you choose the Provence kitchen, then remember that the facades can be colored, and the color of the kitchen can be anything but bright.

Provence looks great in muted shades of beige, lavender or mustard color. But especially stylish Provence kitchen look with white facades, without any tinting. This will create the impression of a constant presence in the kitchen of light and extraordinary purity.



Typical style details

Both country music and Provence pursue a single goal - a sense of antiquity or its imitation. Natural wood - beautiful material texture, a variety of cracks and natural irregularities which will add to the expressiveness of furniture in the style of country and Provence, will highlight the charm of these distinctive styles.

The graceful open shelves of country, including the corner, on which there is a beautiful dishes and various decorative stuff. Cabinets provencal with glass or blind doors of the facades. Antique handles and stylish colors. It is a cosiness, a special "country" warmth and originality, which these styles bear in themselves. And, in general, wooden facades for the kitchen - it is prestigious and soundly. But they have their advantages and disadvantages in comparison with other types of facades.



Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of using natural wood are as follows:

  • Environmental friendliness, reliability, durability.
  • Rich appearance, beautiful natural texture. Neither photo printing nor decorative finishing materials are needed.

Unfortunately, wooden stylish facades of country and Provence kitchens have disadvantages:

  • High price.
  • Even standard facades are heavy and can sag when using accessories of poor weaving.
  • Absorb moisture and odors.
  • The possibility of deformation.
  • The need for more thorough care.

Curved or radius facades are a distinctive element of luxury class kitchens. The styles in which curved facades can be used are completely different: antique, baroque, techno and others. Kitchens with curved facades are very original, and if stained glass is inserted into the radial surfaces, standard cabinets turn into real works of art.

Pens can be of different shapes and colors. A good view of the facades have handles in the form of a ring, handles in the form of a sink, handle-brackets and built-in handles.

If your choice is made in favor of furniture with radius facades, you need to consider that if the shape of the facades is convex, then this will take away the useful volume of the room. Therefore, for small kitchens, the beauty of using such facades is doubtful. If the kitchen furniture occupies most of the perimeter of the kitchen, the corner radius facades of smooth concave shape will look just great.



What are curved facades made of?

Material manufacturing curved facades - wood and MDF. The coating and design additionally allow to divide the curved MDF facades into:

  • veneered (glossy and with matte surfaces);
  • film;
  • painted (glossy or matte);
  • covered with a patina (the effect of aged furniture);
  • deaf and with glass inserts.



Advantages and disadvantages of radius facades

The advantages of a kitchen with curved facades are in aesthetic appeal (due to the fact that the choice of color palette is huge), as well as in the originality of the form, which allows you to create unusual stylish kitchen interior designs. MDF facades practically do not absorb odors and are resistant to moisture.

But they have certain disadvantages:

  • Significantly more expensive than many other types of facades.
  • Take up more space than standard facades with a flat surface shape.
  • Convex facades cannot be used in small rooms.



Aluminum in the design of kitchen facades

Aluminum facades for the kitchen are modern and very stylish facades, the advantages of which are so great that if the budget allows you to choose these facades, you will see how practical this material is and appreciate its advantages.

Aluminum profile can be not only silver, but also black, gold. Black handles will be beautifully combined with a black profile.



Plastic and acrylic facades

Plastic and acrylic facades for the kitchen will suit those who love glossy surfaces and a smooth covering of the panels. Even in the case of a matte finish, the material still glitters.

Glossy facades are made by attaching plastic MDF to the base, and the coating can be one-sided or two-sided. The choice of color is very wide. The coating may even be black. As a handle on the facades of this type can serve stylish rails and handles, drops.

No less stylish than previous types, acrylic and plastic facades have a feature. Their glass doors do not work, because the glass there can not be inserted. An exit can be separate standard sections in which glass is inserted into aluminum frames.



The pros and cons of the material

  • It is steady against moisture, differences of temperatures and an ultraviolet. The color of the facades remains bright all the time of operation.
    Ability to select colors from a wide range of colors.
  • Acceptable prices.
  • After damage, the plastic coating can be easily restored.
  • Environmentally safe. Does not contain volatile substances and harmful resins.
  • Can only be used for straight facades.
  • Glossy facades require special care. They are clearly visible fingerprints.
  • The use of aggressive and abrasive substances for cleaning is unacceptable.



What is photo printing and 3D panels

3D panels are practical and durable material, the facades of which have a raised surface of different texture. The interior with the use of 3D facades turns out just gorgeous.

Photo printing is an equally interesting solution. The photo printing is applied on a smooth surface and can decorate both the main, and angular facades. Photo printing can be applied to only one facade.

Images can be both color and black and white. Black and white photo printing successfully diversifies the design of kitchens, if the facades of furniture are white or black.

Choose furniture fronts for the kitchen, which can be printed photo printing in advance. For some surfaces this technology is not suitable.