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Breakfast table: a cozy and comfortable attribute (27 photos)


Connoisseurs of Hollywood films have already managed to see a lot of cute and romantic breakfast tables. Moreover, such a minor attribute in any house will find a place for itself. In addition to the morning meal, he is able to perform a lot of the most unimaginable tasks. It remains only to determine the configuration and style of the future acquisition.

All virtues

A well-chosen table will allow you to have breakfast in bed without the risk of spilling coffee or chopping cookies right on the sheet. Portable transformer will help to organize a pleasant surprise for the second half, or just become a reliable repository for snacking person who is lazy resting on the bed on his day off.



Bedside table of a certain configuration will allow not only to spend time eating and resting, but also quite successfully perform the role of a stand for a laptop or tablet. In essence, a stable and solid platform will allow you to implement many ideas.

Another important nuance: the bed table is also part of the interior of the bedroom. Even if this attribute is not used by anyone, it still remains in the bedroom. The spectacular appearance and appropriate styling of the product make it an important addition to the interior.

This is an indispensable thing for those who care for sick relatives or friends. The person observing a strict bed rest will be able comfortably to take food directly on the bed. It is with a tray that you can cheer up a sick child by placing not only tasty and healthy treats, but also cute knick-knacks (flowers in a small vase or funny figurines).

In addition, the table itself can be used as an element for home needlework. A simple tray with a plastic or wooden tabletop can be decorated with a toddler. The family will spend time with benefit and pleasure.

Design features

Breakfast tables should be stable and reliable. In the classical sense, such devices are distinguished by an extremely simple structure: a massive or lightweight tabletop with sides and legs. In fact, this is enough for a person to properly take food or perform other simple manipulations.

The legs should not be too short. Otherwise they will simply hold down all movements. However, an unnecessarily high meal table would be inconvenient.



Fixed legs give the table a special strength. However, if these items can be folded, the tray storage process is facilitated. Another convenient device - legs with adjustable height. If desired, the transforming table can be made higher or lower.

The table top can be attached to a solid base, which is located on the floor. The design on the wheels conveniently moves around the apartment, and the breakfast tray table, if necessary, is located directly above the bed.



Creative and practical in everything

However, many manufacturers do not stop at this, equipping their products with other interesting devices for working with laptops, tablets and other gadgets. They can be on wheels, comfortably complemented by a pillow. There are folding, with a rich decor and minimalist, very small or small set.

To minimize the risk of spilling any liquid from the tray, it is equipped with reliable bumpers. In some cases, the tray is also supplemented with handles, for which it is convenient to lift the device.

Pens are often cut in the canvas of the tabletop itself. This is a fairly popular technique in wood products. As an independent element, handles are present in typical transformers, only enhancing their versatility and ability to change as they please.




Materials for the manufacture of tables

Choosing a table for breakfast, it is best to give preference to wooden products. Wood is an environmentally friendly, absolutely natural material that allows you to create truly luxurious products with sophisticated classically decor.

Dark wood will decorate well the interior in the style of classic, modern or rococo. You can complement the carved tabletop with gold leaf if the bedroom is made in the best traditions of Baroque.

It looks interesting bed and a wooden table for breakfast in bed, made in the same style and combined by the same decor.

Recently, ecotrend supporters prefer natural, untreated wood. Products made of oak, pine, linden and ash, devoid of excessive decoration and additional processing, look original and stylish. However, untreated wood should be carefully looked after, as well as to keep breakfast tables from moisture.


Breakfast tray in bed made of glass - a selection of true originals. The product is heavy, fragile (if it is not about the most durable options). It is also very capricious in the care.

If you choose glassware, it is better to give preference to small and minimalist elements. A small breakfast tray will also be much easier to clean.

It is also worth noting that glass surfaces are the ideal background for creativity. Transparent tabletop can be painted with special paints, and then cover the entire surface with a protective layer of varnish.





Looks even more original table with leather trim. Leather exudes eclectic charm and artfully complements the elegant ambiance in the house. Making a table for breakfast with your own hands, using high-quality leather cloths is not difficult.

Moreover, this material is very "fertile" in terms of decor - any accessories on leather upholstery will take root well. However, do not forget that the abundance of accessories makes the process of caring for the tray more difficult.


Plastic tables on wheels and small trays are the most budgetary option that absolutely everyone can afford. Even overall products are usually light, convenient to move around the house.

High-quality plastic will not spoil the interior, cheapening it. Rather, on the contrary, the correctly chosen color and texture will give the product its specific elegance and even strict chic. Plastic transformer will fit well into the style of hi-tech, modern, techno, minimalism.

Plastic also allows for a variety of creative experiments. For example, decoupage the breakfast table will turn an ordinary tabletop into the most real work of art. "Updated" products will look organic in a vintage interior or decorate a bedroom in the style of Provence, Country, and Ethno.





All the same fans of eco-style will appreciate the table made of bamboo. Such material ideally set off the delicate style of the East, will demonstrate the Chinese or Japanese style.
Bamboo table top on wheels can be decorated with hieroglyphs, sakura drawings, exotic motifs, inherent exclusively to the eastern direction. It is possible to decorate a bamboo cloth independently, having armed with all necessary tools, and also having previously thought over the idea of ​​the design itself.


Metal chrome plated or painted by powder spraying is a very practical material to use. Trays made from high-quality metals do not scratch or scrape, do not lose their original color and gloss. Initially, manufacturers offered only tables, stands for a laptop, and over time transformed their metal products for other purposes.




Trays on the pillow

We should also consider such an accessory as a tray on a pillow. This attribute looks stylish and rather unusual, exuding a special comfort and homely warmth.

In fact, this is the same pillow, only supplemented by a worktop. There are options that are more like a solid elastic pouf. They are not the most reliable and stable, but very pleasant to use.

Some manufacturers offer a "soft" table to always protect with covers. Fabric for this purpose is used only waterproof, differing in special operational characteristics. Ideally, even if you shed juice or tea on the pillow, its surface almost does not get dirty or it can be well washed off.




Alternative ways to use breakfast tables

Any thing in the house should be useful, be beautiful, practical and, if possible, also multifunctional. Breakfast tables in bed are no exception.

In bed you can not only relax or indulge yourself with a lazy Sunday breakfast, but also make a lot of other important manipulations. Today, no one is surprised that a person works at a laptop or parses documentation on a sofa or bed, placing all the attributes on a portable table. It is on the miniature table that the e-book or a classic newspaper will ideally be placed along with a cup of aromatic coffee and favorite cookies.




Most breakfast tables, which are also suitable for working tasks, are equipped with several modules. They can be changed at their discretion, given the specifics of the work that is planned to perform. Tables can be equipped with additional cups for storing all kinds of stationery items.

Some models will allow you to do needlework or any creative work anywhere with special comfort. If a tray or a mobile table, in the first place, play the role of such a base for creative work, it is not surprising that many begin their creative experiments with the furniture itself, decorating it at its discretion.

Summarizing all the above, we can safely say that a breakfast table is indispensable in every home. This is exactly the accessory that you need to choose with special care and affection. You can not adhere to any special rules or recommendations, and choose exactly what you like at the moment. Moreover, even the simplest table or tabletop can always be decorated with his own hands.