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How to sew curtains: from refined simplicity to affordable luxury (23 photos)


Do not underestimate the value of textiles when creating an interior room. Curtains and curtains protect the room and decor from direct sunlight. An equally important function of window decor is to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in the room. Curtains on the windows - the final touch of the embodiment of the image of the room.



Sew curtains with your own hands - the best option for decorating the windows in the home. Thus it is easier to choose the fabric and style of curtains that match the design of the room and suit the taste of the home owners.

This transparent textile looks very elegant on the windows, both independently and in combination with other fabrics. In order for the curtain not to look like a smooth canvas, but to gather in beautiful folds, the width of the curtain must be twice the length of the cornice. Curtain length is optional. Approximately 3 cm is laid on the edges for processing (at least 5 cm on the bottom edge). If the folds are laid manually, the curtain tape is attached over them. For a soft assembly, the curtain tape is initially adjusted, which is then evenly tightened.



How to sew curtains on the grommet?

This fastening method looks stylish and unusual. The number of eyelets is chosen even - it will provide a beautiful drape of the canvas. The distance between them (the optimal value is 15 cm) determines the depth of the folds, the width of the curtain. For fastening the eyelets on the top of the curtain, a fold of about 5-7 cm (depending on the diameter of the ring and the quality of the fabric) is worn out. The location of the rings are carefully calculated. Then the holes are carefully cut out and the grommets are installed (they simply click into place or be pressed through with a press). With eyelets, you can sew beautiful curtains from different fabrics to the nursery, to the kitchen. Tulle in the kitchen with grommets will look unusual.



How to sew curtains with their own hands?

Curtains with grabs bring comfort and coziness to the rooms. Before you sew curtains for the bedroom, a beautiful soft fabric is selected that is easily draped. Determined by the length of the pickup, taking into account the desired density of the folds or drape the canvas. Before cutting the fabric, a pattern is drawn. Front and back details are cut out from the selected textile. The compactor will give the product rigidity (it is better to use adhesive dublerin). Details are sewn with the wrong sides. Grabbing turns on the front side, carefully leveled and zayuzhuyvaetsya. Mount it to the wall is better for special holders.



How to sew double curtains?

Similar decoration of windows looks luxurious in living rooms, bedrooms. For this decor, different types of fabric are chosen, and there is no limit to the interesting options for their combination and cut. For light transparent curtains choose tulle, organza. The second curtains are made of more dense fabrics: linen, wool, silk.

Fashion trend - to select textiles of different quality, but one shade.

Sew curtains of two colors of the fabric yourself is easy. The main nuance is to properly combine fabrics. If the curtains are placed on a double eaves, then the entire tailoring will consist of a pair of operations. The canvas is cut out taking into account the parameters of the window and the wishes of the hostess. The edges of the curtains are processed, and the canvas is decorated if desired. If fabrics are selected dim, pastel shades, then the elegant pelmet can add color to the textile composition. It is easy to figure out how to sew a pelmet independently.



How to make roller blinds?

Roman and roller blinds look great in the interiors of any style. As a rule, such curtains on the windows do not close the window sill and are therefore suitable for window decoration of various rooms: kitchens, classrooms, children's rooms. Country curtains sew from natural light fabrics (you can use plain textiles or bright patterned). It is also appropriate to install such curtains on the balcony, in the attic. When choosing textiles takes into account the location of the premises. For the northern balconies, curtains are sewn from light, light translucent fabrics. The windows on the south side are decorated with dense light canvases.

  1. A fold for the weighting agent is squandered at the bottom of the web.
  2. The upper part of the fabric is wrapped around the bar and fixed by means of a stapler.
  3. Two harvested garters are thrown over the bar and attached to the tree with staples or sewn to the fabric with threads.
  4. The beam is fastened with screws to the window frame. Attachment points are hidden under the fabric.
  5. A weighting agent is inserted into the stitched fold.

Before you sew roller blinds, you must carefully measure the window opening. The length of the canvas should be 10-15 cm longer than the window opening (for wrapping the bar). If the window is tightly composed of several sashes, then the roller blind is sewn for each sash.



How to make french curtains with your own hands?

Making window openings in a similar way can be attributed to the classical type of interiors. Elegant folds emphasize the atmosphere of luxury and respectability of spacious high rooms.

Curtains in the hall, sewn from expensive fabrics, look elegant and noble. Fabrics are preferred to choose the lungs, which simply drape into folds. Raised French curtain can be taken for the Austrian look.



How to sew French curtains: stages of work

  1. Fabric is being calculated. This takes into account the length of the fabric, seam allowances. The length of the finished curtain is multiplied by two, and the coefficient of 1.8 is used when calculating the width.
  2. Festoons are marked (jagged fringe). On average, the distance between the scallops ranges from 55 cm to 67, which depends on the width of the web. The markup is carried out using a ruler. Along the lines are strips of fabric up to 3 cm wide (drawers are being formed) or a special curtain band is being tweaked.
  3. In the drawstring cords are passed through, which with a uniform tightening create folds. On kitchen curtains, folds can be formed only along the bottom of the curtains. For living curtains, folds are evenly distributed along the entire length of the canvas.

Curtains can be both static and lifting (using a rotary-chain lifting mechanism). For novice dressmakers, French curtains are best made from tulle.



There are no fundamental differences in how to sew French curtains and how to sew Austrian curtains. Differences curtains appear in the lowered state. Austrian curtains look like a smooth canvas, and French curtains retain festoons.