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Lawn lattice - the perfect option to create natural green tracks in the country (20 photos)


Even a small suburban area is difficult to imagine without garden paths. It is trivial to say that they should be comfortable and well maintained. Many options for the design of paths can somewhat complicate the choice of a suitable material. Recently, there has been a tendency not to use complex and expensive coatings for track decoration. It is becoming fashionable to arrange green eco-paths, which, if desired, are easy to combine with various other finishing materials (stone, wood). It lawns grilles serve as the basis for the formation of a natural and uniform grass cover.



The lawn lattice for paths is formed of the heavy-duty cells united in modules. The individual elements of the system are connected by locking latches.

Functional construction values:

  • strengthening the soil layer and preventing soil erosion;
  • plant root systems protection;
  • giving the tracks an attractive look;
  • ensuring a plain surface of the lawn;
  • prevention of roadside destruction.

The use of the construction of the most diverse: children's playgrounds, garden paths and garden plots, parking lots and access roads.



Brief description of certain types of lawn nets

Well-groomed paths do not just give a dacha aesthetic look. It is pleasant to walk along soft grass barefoot and feel the gentle and cool touch of greenery. Having spent a little money and some time, you can improve the garden plot and create conditions for a pleasant stay for the whole family. Depending on the load, terrain features, the type of lawn grill is chosen. Moreover, it is quite possible to use several types of structures on one site.

For the production of cells used concrete or high-strength plastic.

Plastic lattice

Such products are highly in demand, as they are made from durable plastic and are available in two types - roll and modular.




Concrete lawn modules

Initially, concrete structures were used for arranging lawns. The specificity of their installation is the same as that of the plastic cells: the blocks are stacked next to each other over the ground.

The peculiarity of concrete structures: they are optimally suited for country sites with solid soils, where it is difficult to create a drainage of sediments suitable for the site.


  • long period of operation;
  • high strength indicator - modules have proven themselves in the design of access roads for transport;
  • democratic price;
  • no special preparatory work is required before installation of structures.




  • some "ugliness" - the concrete structure is not fully closed with vegetation;
  • solid lattice weight;
  • the modules are installed using special equipment.

Reinforcement is not used during the installation of concrete modules, so improper installation will not last long. Also on the period of operation affects the quality and grade of concrete. The average life of the track - 25-30 years.



Lawns laying rules

Improper installation of a modular system can lead to subsidence and destruction of the structure; therefore, the installation technology should be observed.

  1. The marking of the tracks on the site.
  2. By marking removed 20-25 cm of soil.
  3. The surface is compacted, and the sides of the path are strengthened (you can use the method of concrete pouring on formwork).
  4. A sand-gravel layer up to 15-20 cm high is filled up (layer thickness is determined by the load level).
  5. Geotextiles are laid to drain and protect the track from weeds.
  6. A layer of sand about 3 cm thick is poured in and its surface is carefully leveled.
  7. Stacked plastic modules (for the country paths, you can use the grid thickness of -5 cm). A layer of soil 3 cm thick is poured into the cells.
  8. Lawn grass is sown, and the whole structure is covered to the brim with soil. The surface is gently watered with water.

When marking the garden paths, it is important to harmoniously fit them into the landscape of the plot. It is also desirable that the design of the paths organically complements the overall landscape design of the site and the exterior of the buildings. Thus, if natural stone was used in the decoration of the facade of the house, you can safely apply it when creating paths (border a path or lay out a pattern of a lawn grid and stone).



Lawn Care Tips

Continuous and proper maintenance will be the key to a long period of service eco-tracks.

For snow removal in the winter, use tools with a safe coating (plastic shovels). In summer, it is quite enough to regularly cut the vegetation (it is advisable not to allow grass to grow above 5 cm).