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Orange sofa: a warm color accent in the interior (29 photos)


Warm and energetic orange is a life-affirming and optimistic color accent. Chromotherapy - the science of treating the human psyche with the help of color, says: orange color in moderation contributes to the speedy recovery from such illnesses as apathy, depression, spleen, sudden loss of energy. Orange is the national color of the cheerful Dutch.



An orange sofa is not tied to any particular interior style. It looks like a warm color spot against the background of pastel wallpaper, ceiling and curtains, it maintains the overall sunny atmosphere of the room. The accessory is appropriate in the free guest hall, in the reception of the office, in the kitchen and in the nursery.

The living room is a meeting place for the whole family for warm companionship. It is on this area of ​​space I want to experiment with orange.

The living room, in which the interior is dominated by peach pastel colors, and the orange color is presented in many details, can be complemented by a figured sofa with fabric upholstery. It should be noted that the abundance of orange is not desirable for a rest room.



In order not to overdo it with orange color, it is better to use muted shades. In the living room with light orange walls the corner sofa of brick shade with a dozen pillows or poufs will perfectly fit.

An orange sofa accordion, combined with pure white space, will add richness and freshness to a white living room. Corner sofa rich, bright orange color is appropriate in a bright room with terracotta curtains and walls.

The terracotta color of massive leather sofas is a necessary moderate severity if the office is decorated in Art Deco style.

It is not recommended to overload the interior with orange color. In excess, it will unbalance the nervous system, increase irritability and fatigue. Orange is used to design office rooms with windows facing north, which makes the room look rather dull for most of the day. In a small office, an orange sofa will not be appropriate - it will visually reduce the size of the room.





An orange sofa in the interior of the children's playroom will create a fun, emotional atmosphere. If the children's room is poorly lit, a bright sunspot in the middle will be very useful on cloudy days. A bright sofa should not be used in the room where the child is resting; it is better to give preference to calm, cold, soothing shades. An angular figured sofa with soft pillows of different shapes of sunny color rhymes well with the elements of the aqua green décor.

Cheerful sofa is a good addition in the interior of a children's room with illustrated wallpapers.




In the bedroom, the orange color is out of place, except for its light, pastel shades. Energetic, sunny, invigorating orange color excites the human nervous system, which does not contribute to a good night’s rest.

A wooden bed with natural upholstery of fresh peach shades, covered with a veil with ethnic patterns, will remind you of a gentle and romantic Oriental style.

Peach-colored sofa bed goes well with light airy tulle and green pillows. Choosing bed linen, it is better to give preference to calm, monochromatic colors.

In the bedroom with orange sofa should be installed monochrome lighting cool white. Give due preference to wooden accessories in ethnic style. Comfort and tranquility will bring indoor plants into the interior.




Orange has a positive effect on taste buds and the digestive system. The proportion of orange in the interior of the kitchen can be increased to 25%, which is strongly discouraged in other rooms. Gray autumn days and endless winter nights of our latitudes, the kitchen, filled with rich colors, will help to cheer up and maintain internal energy at the proper level. The kitchen will fit a small corner sofa from eco-leather or any other material that is well cleaned.

The dining room, combined with the living room, will divide the orange sofa with soft upholstery and decorative pillows into two separate zones. The corner kitchen sofa of juicy orange color combined with an orange work surface will enliven and decorate the kitchen.



How to choose the shape of the sofa?

Before buying a sofa should take into account its intended purpose and the place that it will occupy in the room.

The main types of sofas:

  • Sofa of small dimensions for sleeping with a transformation mechanism (sofa-accordion). Suitable for small rooms block houses; functional, affordable.
  • Corner sofa for large rooms, studios and guest rooms. Some models are equipped with drawers.
  • Modular sofa - a kind of corner, consists of several sections, designed for a spacious room. Sectional sofa fills the space in the corners of a large studio or hall.
  • An island sofa is a good find for a large hall, reception room or guest room. Refers to premium class furniture.



Upholstery for sofas

When choosing a coating for upholstered furniture, the following factors matter:

  • location;
  • presence of pets;
  • exposure to furniture in direct sunlight.

Fabric fibers tend to fade over time if the coating is exposed to direct sunlight most of the time. In this case, preference is given to a shade that does not fade too much in the sun.

Coatings made from coarse fiber will minimize furniture damage from pets' claws.

The orange sofa is organic in an atmosphere of cream, sand, caramel, walnut and golden interior decoration. The gray finish visually changes the orange color, it becomes bluish.

Orange and white

White background should be kept in the design of the entire premises, including the floor. If the color of the floor is dark, it is better to cover it with a white carpet with a long nap.

Orange and caramel shades

Shades of orange - warm sunspots, memories of the past summer. To compensate for the lack of sunlight and positive energy, you can use the orange sofa and cute red and yellow gizmos arranged throughout the room. Room accessories should be associated with home comfort. It can be impressionist paintings on the walls or herbariums in a decorative vase, pillows and puffs of rich brown, chocolate or brick shades. Textured fabrics will help to warm your heat: checkered rugs, floor carpets with large pile.