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Living room from the array: natural nobility (27 photos)


The main room of a house or apartment is worthy of having the best. If you can, you should buy living room furniture from solid wood.

What is an array?

Solid wood is pure wood, 100% pure wood. In turn, in terms of quality and aesthetics, it is divided into several types:

  • Solid, solid. They say about this: without a hitch, without a hitch, voids and pitch formations. Goes to the premium furniture segment.
  • Glued. Whole pieces are spliced ​​with minor flaws remaining after the premium treatment.
  • Compressed. Thin sheets are joined to the desired thickness.

Furniture is made from other materials obtained as a result of processing natural wood, but the quality of compressed sawdust covered with synthetics is not the same as in real boards.



What is good array?

Furniture from the array is not accidentally so expensive. She has many advantages:

  • exclusive appearance: the pattern on wood is not repeated, you can be sure that the purchased wardrobe or chest of oak or other wood species exists in a single copy;
  • ecological safety and purity: in the wood there are no substances harmful to humans, on the contrary, it saturates the air with essential oils-antiseptics, deadly for bacteria and viruses;
  • strength: the minimum lifetime of furniture made of beech or oak is 50 years, in other species it is smaller, but also solid;
  • beneficial energy: it is scientifically proven that a person in a room with natural wood furniture feels calmer and healthier.

Beech makes clear thoughts, pine increases vitality, oak strengthens the immune system.

A modern living room from an array implies the presence of many items, from solid cabinet furniture to a puff or wall shelf. It is completed depending on the manufacturer. So, European furniture makers are oriented towards the inhabitants of spacious houses. They include a large dining table with a set of chairs and sideboards for living-dining rooms. Domestic manufacturers are more realistic and offer classic living room items in a single performance:

  • wall or its modern modification in the form of a showcase;
  • cupboard;
  • chest of drawers;
  • sofa with chairs;
  • coffee table.

Kits are available in different designs for different interior styles.




Tables for the living room are made in two versions: dining and coffee (tea and coffee).

Parameters are determined by several factors:

  • For spacious living rooms oval model is chosen;
  • In a small room is appropriate round table;
  • For multifunctional rooms, a transforming model is suitable (folding or with a plug-in segment of the tabletop).

All models are made of solid, equally reliable and presentable. The large oval table in the dark version looks especially solid.




The walls in the living room of the array - traditionally the most popular furniture for this room. Combining the functions of the buffet, sideboard, closet, they make life easier for the hostesses, showing the most beautiful things and hiding the less presentable. Often they are themselves a piece of furniture art.

Angular varieties will fit into a small room without problems: they are not so bulky and do not visually weigh down the interior.

The solid dimensions of the wall are compensated by the mobility of its parts: the modular structures are easily rearranged or combined, giving the impression of novelty.



Array for any style

Designers constantly create new furniture from solid wood, which corresponds to any interior or style decision, therefore, deciding to buy a new display case, it is not at all necessary to radically alter all the furnishings in the living room: colors, chandeliers, curtains, etc. You can always choose exactly the same version of the furniture.


The traditional and most common style for this room. A classic-style living room is dark furniture with carved facades and smooth curves. Inlaid of valuable varieties or gold plated is welcome.




The wall, dresser, table, are simple, without excessive decor and shiny fittings, but even in this form the array does its job: the simplest cabinet looks expensive.


Refinement - the main feature of modernity - is inherent in the tree. The array easily recreates any, even the most intricate asymmetry, which also distinguishes the style.

Country music

Nothing better than natural, warm wood is not able to reproduce home comfort. If desired, the new array can be easily aged by creating a "granny" chest.




Furniture from the array can be divided into two types: dark and light.

White headset

A new, but increasingly popular solution - white furniture with all the tones: ice cream, milky, cold. It can be made in almost any style: classic, minimalism, modern, country.

Particularly suitable for a small room, because it visually enhances it, or for insufficiently illuminated room, which makes it lighter.

On the living room of solid wood are different types of wood. The most popular, time-tested are beech, oak and pine.


The king of the array, furniture classics and the most popular material from wealthy buyers. Furniture from its wood is both reliable and gorgeous. In natural form, this is a light material with a beautiful texture, but the market offers living rooms, painted in the range from white to black shades.

Elite species - bog oak. It turns out from wood of a tree, tens of years being in water. As a result, it acquires a rare purple tide. The living room of solid oak of such a hue is an exclusive, which translates it into a de luxe category.



Often, there are irregularities in the form of knots, but fans believe that this “flaw” just confirms the authenticity of the array.

Living room made of solid pine looks organic:

  • in a country house;
  • in country style;
  • in classic style.

One of the fashion trends - furniture made of solid pine in a modern minimalist style. To make the living room "breathing", the designers suggest making light furniture not solid, but with dredging and niches.



Furniture is a durable item, therefore it is better not to save money on its purchase. It is rational to invest money in high-quality things, for example, from an array. This is a good investment, because the headset will last for decades, keeping an expensive look. It may well become a family jewel for several generations.