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Black sofa - a sign of luxurious interior (26 photos)


Luxurious black sofa in the interior - an original piece of furniture that attracts the attention of others. To get such a product is not all decided, often the brutality and the refined look frighten off people who appreciate the comfort of home. Experts, on the contrary, consider such models to be a real find for creating attractive interiors. The most popular sofas upholstered in natural leather, no less elegant looks eco-leather with red or white trim. Each sofa in black color requires an appropriate setting to make the furniture look harmonious.




Product Features

When choosing furniture that is suitable for home or office, you should be guided by the distinctive properties of various furniture items. It is important to pay attention to several relevant parameters:

  • Looking after the sofa Chester or another variety, you should consider its size and area of ​​the room. Too large model will clutter the space, a small one looks ridiculous.
  • A black corner leather sofa is suitable for a small living room. It will save space and bring originality and special chic to the interior.
  • The office harmoniously look black straight model with a classic design. The transformation mechanism in this case is not required.
  • Upholstered furniture with pillows is always associated with homeliness and comfort. To evaluate these properties, it is enough to sit on it before purchasing.
  • The sofa in black color, with high quality, should not swing and creak.
  • Depending on the purpose of the furniture, a transformation mechanism is also selected. If you need a bed, you should consider the eurobook sofa. Such products are equipped with a durable mechanism and a spacious drawer for storing clothes. A leather or fabric black sofa should fold out with ease, which ensures its durability and ease of use.
  • The seat of the kitchen sofa and the model for the living room is chosen so that it is comfortable and comfortable to sit on it. The quality of the filler is different, so you should be guided by individual sensations. In most cases, used polyurethane foam and periotek. If you use the model as a bed, after getting up, the quality seat will take its original shape.
  • Black and white corner sofas are selected in accordance with the number of family members. Sofa Chester or a double sofa is suitable for a small family of two people, if you have many relatives or guests often come, you should pay attention to a large product that can accommodate all close people.



Black or black and white corner sofas are different upholstery material. Textile options from flock, jacquard with print or original pronounced pattern will be a true decoration of any home. Exquisitely and luxuriously looks black corner leather sofa. This material looks expensive and presentable. Eco-leather will be no less attractive. Black leatherette will cost a bit cheaper, but quality material will last a long time with proper care and careful handling.

Models differ in form. There are products with curved or black straight backs, with wooden armrests or pillows.



A dark-colored living room with a black or gray eco-leather sofa often pushes people away. Such shades are often associated with negative, failure and evil. In fact, specialists dealing with color therapy are convinced that a black or brown sofa does not always make an impression.



Dark furniture perfectly harmonizes with contrasting colors, making them more vivid and rich. The Chester sofa, painted in black, will make the white walls even more radiant, the green walls are peaceful, the yellow walls are cheerful, and the lilac walls are deep and mysterious. Monochrome interior will be a truly extravagant solution. To balance the gloomy, but at the same time solemn design, you can choose a black and white sofa and a suitable environment for the room.

The main advantages of products include:

  • Black straight sofa fits well with delicate neutral shades: milky, peach, light gray, mother of pearl. This design soothes, creates a sense of security and reliability. This is how many people dream of seeing their own home.
  • Black and white corner sofas in the interior are in harmony with different colors - pastel and bright. To freshen up the room, it is enough to change accessories.
  • Design with a black or brown sofa will be quite practical and durable. Dirt, dust and stains are imperceptible on the matte surface.
  • On any photo, where there are black and white corner sofas, it is clearly visible how dark and bright shades with suitable accessories look spectacular. The furniture serves as an excellent background for gilded frames, colorful paintings, colorful fabrics, white statues and other decorative items.
  • The use of a black or gray sofa in the interior opens up broad opportunities for the realization of unique design ideas. It is enough to dilute it with soft tones, to powder with gilding, to add furniture from natural wood - and the expensive luxurious interior is ready. When combined with a black straight model with a bright red, pink or acid room becomes shocking and defiant.
  • Black and white corner sofas allow you to experiment endlessly in the yin-yang theme. Furniture can be complemented by ethnic ornaments, African masks, retro-images and other accessories.




The main disadvantages of black and gray sofa is the ability to visually reduce living space. It is important that the dark shades are in harmony with light, used carefully and metered.



With a responsible approach to the choice of the situation in the kitchen or in the living room sofa Chester or other models will look harmonious and attractive. A suitable transformation mechanism will provide an extra bed, not inferior to the bed.




Use in the interior

When choosing a black straight sofa you should consider the design of the room in which it will be installed. If the dominant tones are gray, orange and brown, it is unlikely that the furniture will go well with them. Black sofa in the interior - a sign of good taste. Consider the main styles in which it will be appropriate:

  • Classic. A soft two-seater sofa or a large one with strict forms and a soft seat without extra extras and décor looks good in a traditional style.
  • Minimalism. A gray sofa or models painted in other dark colors perfectly fit into a similar design, as bright colors are inappropriate. The main features of the direction are considered rigor, conciseness and functionality. Products from eco-leather are often used to create interiors in the style of minimalism.
  • Ethnic style. This direction is considered difficult, but very interesting. The living room with a black sofa will be bright and attractive thanks to the motley pads with embroidery, textiles with animal prints, color accessories.
  • Art Deco. Suitable strict models of angular shape. The style of symmetry, so the ideal solution would be to use the same gray sofas, located opposite each other.
  • Baroque. The direction requires refinement of forms and luxury in decoration. Chester's elegant sofa with gold-plated legs or elegant carved armrests looks great.
  • Scandinavian style. The main features are natural materials, practicality, light colors. Against the background of white walls, dark furniture looks luxurious.
  • Italian style. A suitable sofa should have the traditional form, clear lines, elegant additions in the form of fine woodcarving. Best suited products from natural or eco-leather.
  • Ecostyle. From the name it is clear that the emphasis in the interior is on natural materials. Beige with black sofa with natural upholstery fits perfectly.
  • High tech. Often in this style is made the kitchen, because there are a lot of metal and chrome parts. Kitchen sofa should correspond to the chosen direction.




Upholstered furniture with black upholstery will be a great solution for a cozy living room or a comfortable kitchen. Quality models have durability and practicality, can last for several decades. Dark upholstery is not brand, it is easier to remove stains and remove dirt. Many models are able to transform into a full bed. To create the perfect interior, it is important to correctly place accents in the room.