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Carpet in the living room: soft perfection (26 photos)


No new materials or fashion whims can push out the good old carpet from our homes. Without it, even the most sophisticated living room is more like an office than a house, it looks lonely and unfinished.

What determines the choice?

The opening of new markets and the progress of technology have created a fabulous abundance of offers. When deciding how to choose a carpet in the living room, several factors are taken into account: material, size, shape.

Carpet materials

Modern carpets in the living room are made from traditional wool and artificial materials. Each type has its pros and cons.




Costly classic. The heat, strength, softness of the raw materials are fully preserved after processing. Especially valuable advantage for families with children: the fire will not spread even on a burning carpet.

Wool carpet is rarely very bright, because the fibers poorly absorb dyes, but the calm color gamut is like this and remains for many years without fading and without fading.

Modern carpet on the floor in the living room to lay the bed, you can safely - manufacturers impregnate the fiber with special compounds against moths, fungi and increased contamination.

Real wool carpet in the interior of the living room looks noble. It is worth investing money into it, because these luxurious products retain their presentable appearance for half a century.




Carpet for the living room of this synthetic material is quite popular because it has many necessary properties:

  • strength;
  • the brightness of the colors;
  • elasticity;
  • glitter fibers;
  • wear resistance.

Modern nylon carpets are durable, retain their shape, are indifferent to the fungus, easily washable and instantly dry.

Among the shortcomings: burn out in the sun, can become harsh, even break, they become very electrified.




To make the carpets in the interior of the living room look harmonious, their total area should occupy no more than one third of the room. Possible options:

  • large carpet in the center;
  • two identical in different zones, for example, in the center and in front of the sofa in front of the TV;
  • medium plus two or three small.



Little ones

Rather resemble accessories than a full floor covering. A small carpet creates color accents of the entire space or individual zones. It may be bright, stylish look a few similar rugs, but one will look inappropriate in a large room.


Perfectly accent individual segments in a spacious modern living room.

Dining area: if the carpet is laid under the dining table, you need to fit more chairs.

Recreation area: the carpet laid in front of the sofa should be the same length as the last one, so that everyone sitting can put their feet on the carpet.

Determining how to choose a carpet in the living room on the form, it is worth remembering that it is able to visually adjust the parameters of the room.

The square living room can be "pulled out" by spreading the carpet.

Classic rectangular carpet is chosen for living rooms with the same geometrically clear furniture. It is laid near the sofa, especially if it is a corner option so that there are no gaps and the legs are not on the bare floor.



Color spectrum

Such a thing is bought for years, so it is important to know how to choose the right carpet of a suitable color and pattern.


This color is not uncommon in the interior. Red makes the room impressive, bright. Round red carpet looks luxurious and stylish, especially against a white or black headset of the same shape. Contrast design gives originality and freshness.

For such a bright color, select the addition in the form of small objects: sofa cushions, vases or the like. Depression or boredom will never settle in a living room with a red carpet.




An example of an unusual modern coating. Green carpet brings the freshness of spring, making the living room brighter and happier.

Those who follow fashion trends should choose a short-haired green carpet with a patterned relief, or a long-haired imitation of grass or moss. Such fashionable carpets in the living room, round or oval, will suit modern styles of decoration such as hi-tech or eco.


The interior of blue is not very popular, but he still has fans. It has been scientifically established that blue color normalizes pressure and heartbeat, suppresses appetite, therefore a carpet in the living room will help to be healthier, and, for example, a blue kitchen - to lose weight. Blue decor can create a feeling of coolness in the living room, facing the sunny side.

Blue carpet looks good with wooden furniture in a classic style.


Purple carpet is chosen not by many. However, this is the color of the royal palaces, it makes a luxurious room of any style. This carpet is easily combined with black, white, brown, beige, gray objects. With him are friends of gold and silver, shades of blue and red.

The lilac shade makes the room warmer, more comfortable. Exclusivity of the living room will give a round carpet of violet color in combination with the same curtains, pillows or a smaller decor.

When choosing a purple color, it is important not to overdo it. He will in any case become the accent of the room. Color is energetically strong, therefore it positively affects the psyche. However, in large doses can cause depression.

It is necessary to think in advance about the options for combining the interior with the carpet. There are several ways to fit it into the living room.


The color of the carpet in the interior should be in harmony with the tone of large surfaces:

  • wall decoration;
  • furniture;
  • curtains;
  • floor covering.

Allowed one color of the carpet with walls, furniture, curtains, but not in the same colors with the floor. Otherwise, everything will merge, and the interior will become monochrome and dull. The contrasting color of the carpet zoning space well. A neutral white carpet will decorate the living room with any dark floor. For a small living room, it is possible for it to appear in it as a single color spot.