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Cabinet with a mirror: practical beauty (29 photos)


One of the most popular pieces of furniture for decades was a wardrobe with a mirror on the facade. It is almost always in small apartments, as it saves space. How to place it correctly, what to consider, consider further.

General features

The mirror in the interior of any residential premises performs three functions: it visually enlarges the space, creates additional lighting, allows owners to evaluate their appearance.

Where to put the closet?

The most popular option - built-in wardrobe with a mirror. If it is mounted opposite a window, for example, in a bedroom, the room receives more light, and a few mirrored doors increase the effect.
Mirrored wardrobes built opposite each other create an illusion of infinity multiplied by directional lighting.



However, keep in mind that mirror gloss reflects everything. If there are many things in the room, it will at least double their number. It is desirable that the mirror does not reflect the door, ideally only empty space or a source of light.

Cabinets with mirrored doors are similar in design to the usual ones. For large models, reinforced fittings are used, since the sash with a large mirror mounted on it is impressive in mass.

Mirror gloss is beneficial as a design object: color film, sand blasting decor, painting, photo printing, bronze matting and many other ways look equally good on it.



Worrying about the fact that having a mirror cabinet is dangerous, because it can break from an accidental impact, is unfounded. The surface is equipped with a special film that can hold all the particles. So even if the mirror is cracked, the fragments will not scatter around the room.

The number of mirrored door-sections in the closet begins with one. This is either a closet for the bathroom or in the corridor, or one of the sections in the product with two or three doors.

The mirror on the door of the cabinet with a large number of doors is set according to the style and size of the product. A double door almost always has both mirrored doors. Wardrobe with 3 doors or four-door mirrors, combining with other materials, in accordance with the style of the room.

For classics, a wardrobe combined with a mirror and wooden surfaces is used, high-tech requires the presence of bright plastic, in modern it can be glass, covered with a pattern, colored or sandblasted.




The three-door version provides for combinations: a mirror-center plus 2 side doors with photo printing or frosted doors, side mirrors plus a picture in the center.

Install a mirror wardrobe should be on a completely flat, without a slope surface of the floor, otherwise the reflection will be distorted.



Each room has its own brilliance

Living room

The main room of an apartment or house requires elegant decoration. Here, just to the place of the four-door models with mirrors. Special solemnity and brightness will add a mirror with fatsety, creating brilliance and play of rays, refracted along the edge. However, if the dimensions of the room are not very large, it will be decorated with a wardrobe triple-leaved and lacquered around the facade. Wenge coupe - a real chic. Dark colors, shades of black coffee and a mirror create together a unique effect.



Entrance hall

In most apartments, this is a small stretched space. Consequently, the corner cabinet in the hallway should be shallow and with narrow doors. Such a model as a wardrobe with a mirror, in this room is placed extremely rarely, more often an accordion cabinet with a mirror is used: this mechanism does not need much space for opening.

The mirror in the hallway should not be tinted, covered with a picture or put another decor. Most of the world creates a clean gloss.



The simplest cabinet with a mirror in the hallway is a compact one with a long, but not full-length mirror. More modern two-door wardrobe with a mirror on one or both doors. Its place is determined by the hallway configuration:

  • long or narrow - a cabinet built in along a short wall; you can even opposite the front door;
  • square - along the wall: completely or to the door to the room;
  • with several entrance doors - a mirrored closet in the hallway of this type is placed closer to the entrance.

It is always advisable to purchase at least a small wardrobe in the hallway: a “control look” is necessary before the exit.




A woman can not do in the bedroom without a good big mirror. But it is not always worth spending on its purchase separately. It is better to immediately buy a mirror cabinet with light. At least two-folding or three-folding, and if space permits, then more. This will solve several problems at once: placing a lot of things, finding them easily, freeing up space.



Teen Room

In adolescence, attention is paid to the exterior, so a personal mirror cabinet does not hurt. Its size, style and number of sections are determined by the tastes of the owner. As a rule, the young men have enough of one (hi-tech or techno), while the girls want at least a double-closet. If the floor space allows, you can do more. In a very small room, the exit will be a corner wardrobe with a mirror. The decor is chosen light, bright, romantic, or all the leaves are left clean.

Modern sliding models of cabinets with a mirrored facade are offered in a straight, angled or smoothly curved design.


The most common universal option, providing unlimited possibilities for installation or decoration.

An interesting solution is to use a mirror built-in wardrobe as part of an interior partition. The coupe is trimmed with a mirror, reinforced on all sides: on the back wall, sash, sidewall. But in the bedroom with this option, it is better not to experiment - such a wardrobe, even a two-fold, creates too much brilliance.