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Playgrounds in the country: advantages, basic principles, components (20 photos)


Children grow up and active games quickly become necessary for them. They develop a habit of physical activity, coordination of movements, the ability to stand up for themselves and many other useful skills. Often, however, such games may be unsafe, especially if it happens away from civilization.



Playgrounds for giving will help to solve the problem: children can play on them, remaining under supervision, without the risk of bruises and herbs.

In the city, the problem of children's leisure is solved simply: just get out of the house and find a well-equipped yard. In it, the baby will be able to find his friends by age, play and tinker. At the dacha this is more difficult - no one is engaged in ennobling the villages, except for the residents themselves, and the idea of ​​making a playground for the dacha has certain advantages:

  • Children will always be in sight and there will be no risk that they will find it interesting to run somewhere else.
  • Children will be protected from domestic injuries, because, unlike streets, river banks and forests, parents will be able to arrange everything in accordance with accepted safety standards.
  • Children will get a wonderful place according to their own tastes: parents will be able to listen to their ideas and install exactly the shells that will be most in demand.

You can invite friends to your own playground, you can change the shells, if you get tired, you can arrange it according to your tastes. The main thing to remember about the basic principles of construction.



What you need to remember first of all?

When equipping the playground in the country with their own hands, you must first remember about security.


Small children can easily become victims of sunstroke, so care should be taken to ensure that at least a third of the dacha's area is shaded. Ideal for trees to provide shade. But if they are not, you can make a canopy of wood or metal.


Before you begin work, you need to remove from the future site large stones, snags and branches, about which the child may stumble. After should cover the surface with something that will soften the fall. This can be as a specialized rubber coating, like those used in the production of typical sites in cities, and dense lawn, which cover football fields. The first option is expensive, the second requires attention - from time to time it will have to be cut.

Places where a child has an increased chance of falling (under the descent from a slide, near gymnastic apparatus) should be covered with sand so that the fall is softer.



Presence of lighting

Small children go to bed early, but older guys can play around and before dusk. To reduce the likelihood of an accident, you need to think about the design of lighting. These can be either ordinary stationary lanterns, or luminous paths from a special tile, and light bulbs hidden in the grass. The main thing that the lighting was bright and fit into the design.

Wind protection

On windy days on the site should be as calm as any other, otherwise the child may catch a cold. This can be achieved with the help of green spaces or as a temporary measure with a dense fence.



Constructions that can be applied

Design your own playground - a field where you can experiment endlessly, even without listening to the opinion of professional designers. However, there is a list of items you can use. Basic include almost all children's playgrounds to give.


A place that enjoys popularity in both very young and older children. Provides unlimited space for the development of fine motor skills, perseverance and creativity, because of the sand you can not only sculpt kulichiki, but also build fancy castles, and present it as a real desert.



Most often, the sandbox is made of wood, making sure that there are no knots and splinters left on it. A good idea would be to make not only the bumpers, but also the cover - it will save the sand from the ubiquitous cats, from the morning dew or rain. It is better to have a sandbox partly in the shade, but at the same time it should not be too thick, otherwise it will be unpleasant to play in it - the sand will be wet and flat.




There are several options:

  • Suspended. The most common and easiest option. If there is a big strong tree on the plot, you can simply attach a tire to it. But if there is no tree, it doesn’t matter - for a playground, the swing of two bars with a crossbar on which the seat will be suspended is just as good. It is important that it is equipped with a back, and for small children - a limiter and footrest to prevent loss.
  • Counterbalances. It is worthwhile to equip such ones only if several children share dacha life - they are friends or relatives, it does not matter. Otherwise, the swing will be used only with the help of a parent. It is important to make comfortable seats with stoppers and a soft lining for each of them, so that a sharp jerk does not cause the child pain. In the role of lining can make halves of tires.
  • Springs. At home it is almost impossible to make, but it is easy to buy in a store; Such toys are suitable for the youngest children who are interested in representing themselves on horseback or in the car.


Fully self-made manufacturing is quite difficult - even if the owners prefer metal platforms for dachas and are determined to do everything out of metal, it will not be easy to make a ramp, especially so that it is completely safe. It is much wiser to buy a plastic ramp in the store:

  • Straight. Suitable for kids who are not interested in steep hills yet.
  • Screw. It creates a feeling of rapid slip and amuse even younger students.

The steps of the slide should be covered with a special coating on which you can not slip, and the upper platform should be fenced with railings.

In addition to the basic elements, wooden children's playgrounds for summer houses can include:

  • Equipping for balancing - for this role fit dug into the ground tires or logs, in which children can jump at their own pleasure. The main thing is that the result is not too high.
  • A house for games - it can be styled as your favorite fairy tale or made in the form of a spaceship. Children's metal playgrounds often include such a house in the form of a locomotive, wooden - in the form of a chapel. Sometimes you can even place it on a tree.
  • Playground. Good for teens who have already grown from other shells. It will be enough to have a volleyball ring or a football goal, but if you like, you can add a climbing wall and simple trainers.
  • Hammocks and rope ladders. They require more careful supervision, but they can bring a lot of joy to children.

Everything is important: coverage for playgrounds for the country, the composition of the shells, preferences and age of children. Only attention to children's opinion, readiness to make compromises and the desire to do everything not only beautifully, but also safely allow you to make an ideal platform where many interesting games will be played.